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Supplies Needed for the Heroes in Givati Tzabar

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Raanana—Of the five brigades that form the Israeli Defense Forces’ infantry corps, Givati is unique in its openness and diversity. Soldiers from all different kinds of backgrounds, including olim, lone soliders, and ethnic minorities enlist together in this brigade, which serves as Israel’s Marine Corps. Once the purple kumta (beret) is donned, and soldiers begin marching together to cries of “Mi Sheh Chalam Givati” (“Those who dreamt Givati”), barriers begin to fade and the very different fighters become one.

One of the ways that Tazbar encourages this unity is by ensuring that all soldiers are treated exactly the same, without regard to background or nationality. As a result, they do not allow soldiers to bring in their own equipment. Only gear owned by others, distributed by the IDF, can be used. While this helps the entire Tzabar family feel very close, it also means that there is a constant lack of supplies, and, with a very cold winter under way in Israel, the brigade is in desperate need of supplies for their unit.

Danny Goffstein is one of those Givati dreamers who made it. He grew up as an American-Israeli in the western city of Raanana, which attracts many olim from different backgrounds, many of whom are Anglo. Nonetheless, he knew from a young age that he wanted to serve in the Israeli Defense Forces, and, after graduating high school a few months ago, he was drafted in August. Danny decided to undergo the rigorous training to become a combat medic, a process that involved 12 hours of study every day along with hands-on work and extensive exams. He now serves as a platoon medic in Givati Brigade’s Tzabar Battalion, saving the lives of his brothers on the battlefront.

Suzy and Jeff Goffstein, Danny’s parents, originally made aliyah from Teaneck in 1983, and began to raise their family in Israel. Less than 10 years later, they moved back to Teaneck, where Jeff worked with his brother Ken at their mortgage company. Then the Goffstein clan decided to move back to Israel, and have lived in Raanana ever since. Even though their son Danny never lived in Teaneck, his family is still very connected to the Jewish community in New Jersey.

Even within the popular Givati Brigade, the 432nd, Danny’s Tzabar (Cactus) Battalion, stands out in its welcoming and unity. Tzabar’s success is characterized by its three ideals: family, readiness for war, and perfection. Recruits train for war together, aim for perfection together, and become a family together. Danny’s family, along with parents of another Anglo soldier in his unit, are looking for donors who would like to help contribute to supplying those serving in Tazabar Battalion with its much-needed equipment.

For more information, and to make a donation, please visit http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/givati_tzabar/josh_danny.

By Tzvi Silver

JLNJ Israel Correspondent