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Livingston Temple Softball League Has a Solid Week

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B’nai Brith’s first softball game against Temple Sinai last Sunday provided more sports excitement than anyone, player or spectator, could have imagined. BB saw a 12 run lead evaporate against a relentless Temple Sinai who turned a 13-1 deficit into a 14-13 advantage. B’nai Brith came back to tie it at 14 and scored...

Bar Mitzvah Boy Organizes Soccer Tourney to Benefit Israeli Soldiers

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Englewood—A bar mitzvah is a time when attention is focused on a specific individual and his accomplishments. But for Moriah seventh grader Nathan Sholomon, whose family davens at Ahavath Torah in Englewood, he made his bar mitzvah not just about him, but about being a part of the Jewish community. “Nathan really wanted to celebrate his bar mitzvah in Israel this summer,” explained Robert Sholomon, Nathan’s father. “But he also wanted to be able to celebrate this exciting day with his friends,” he added. Nathan and his family decided to hold a fundraiser, the proceeds of which would be donated to help soldiers in the Israeli army.

“Nathan is very humble and modest,”...

Jewish Link Sportstar of the Week Daniel Aaron

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The Jewish Link of New Jersey and Gotham Burger would like to recognize Yeshiva Heichal Hatorah’s Daniel Aaron as this week’s Sportstar of the Week. Aaron is one of Heichal Hatorah’s Junior Varsity Basketball team captains and is coming off a phenomenal season. The Heichal Hatorah team is in its second year of existence and plays in the Young Israel League against schools that are much larger. This year they fielded a varsity of only 11th graders and a junior varsity.

The junior varsity finished in third place with a respectable record of 5-4. Their first-round game was against the second-seeded Red Shul, which had beaten Heichal three times during the season. Daniel scored all...

My Spartan Race Experience

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On Sunday, June 19, I participated in a Spartan Race in Tuxedo, New York. It was a 5.2-mile obstacle course race with 21 obstacles stationed along the way. Some of the challenges included climbing over a 12-foot wall, carrying a 50-pound sandbag up and down a hill, throwing a spear into a target, rolling under barbed wire (uphill), and leaping over a fire pit. It is considered the toughest obstacle course race in the world, and I completed the first of three increasingly more difficult races, called the Spartan Sprint. The Spartan Super (8–10 miles) and the Spartan Beast (12–14 miles) remain to be conquered.

As I drove home from the race that day, battered, bruised, scraped, sore...


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