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Terrorist Bombing Injures 21 in Jerusalem

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At least 21 people were injured Monday in a terrorist bus explosion in Jerusalem.

The bombing occurred in the early evening hours in Israel. Police initially did not confirm the explosion as a terror-related incident. Following an investigation, Jerusalem Police Chief Yoram Levy told the media, “There is no doubt that...

For Alan Gross, Cuban Prison Didn’t Harden His Heart or Weaken His Ambition

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Alan Gross used to be nothing more to me than a tragic headline.

When I started my position at this news service in July 2011, Gross had been imprisoned in Cuba since December 2009 for what that country called “crimes against the state.” Gross, a subcontractor for the United States Agency for International Development, went to Cuba to help the Jewish community there access the Internet. After his arrest, he received a trial he describes as a “B movie,” before correcting himself to “C movie.” Cuba would later refuse to let Gross visit his mother before her death from cancer, something he says he’ll “never forgive” that government for—and Gross, as the interview that...

As BDS Opponents Move From Campuses to State Capitols, California Is Up Next

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Close observers of the anti-Israel Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement have long kept a weather eye on California. But that attention has mostly focused on university campuses, including the prominent 10-school University of California system.

Now, the Golden State is the latest battleground in a nationwide effort to draft and pass anti-BDS laws in US state capitols, and pro-Israel advocates hope that success on the state-government level will curb the boycott movement’s momentum on campus. At a Los Angeles conference on fighting BDS that was hosted earlier this month by the pro-Israel education group StandWithUs, California Assemblyman Travis Allen had a message for the...

Teaneck’s Jason Greenblatt Named as Trump’s Israel Advisor

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Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump has named his longtime executive vice president and chief legal advisor, Jason Dov Greenblatt, 49, of Teaneck, as his Israel advisor. Greenblatt has worked for The Trump Organization for 19 years.

Trump reportedly called Greenblatt to his office last week to meet with Jewish reporters, and broke the news then that Greenblatt was his most trusted advisor on Israel. Greenblatt also was asked by the campaign to author an opinion article on why Jews should vote for Trump, which was published by JTA this week. In that article, he shared a part of what he viewed as his personal, religious priorities at work that Trump respects and...

Haredi Women in Hi-Tech—A Force to Be Reckoned With

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I travel to Israel on business for my law firm a couple of times a year.

Last year, I arrived in Tel Aviv two days before a graduation at Machon Lustig in Bnei Brak. Machon Lustig is the women’s division of Jerusalem College of Technology (JCT), and is geared towards educating Haredi women in business, computers and technology. I have been on the board of JCT for a number of years but I had never visited the Bnei Brak campus. I was blown away.

That night, in the basement auditorium of a school in B’nei Brak, approximately 20–25 women obtained graduate degrees in computer science. With few exceptions, their husbands, their parents and their children were there beaming proudly...

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