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Reconnecting With Mitzrayim This Pesach

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On Friday night when we sit down at our seder tables, it will matter less how we feel about the contentious presidential campaign, the hateful BDS movement, ISIS and the rise of European anti-Semitism.

Passover is a time to reset our spiritual clocks, when we retell the story of our ancestors’ exodus from the slavery of...

Feeling All ‘Berned Out’

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Bernie Sanders, this nation’s first Jewish presidential candidate, could get no closer to the recent AIPAC Policy Conference than Utah, because of time constraints, according to his campaign.

Yet he comes to New York and is suddenly effusive in his Jewish pride. And where does he give this speech? In Harlem.

Meanwhile, Ted Cruz, who like Sanders is currently running second in his party’s presidential race, comes to New York and spends time making matzah at a Chabad school. No surprise. Cruz, an Evangelical Christian is an ardent supporter of Israel. His political track record has always shown that support.

How many of us have entered voting booths, not knowing some of the...

Seeking Clarity and Integrity Heading Into Town Elections

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Teaneck voters need a break.

From what?

In this day and age, political debates on network news stations resemble reality TV. Problem is, nothing seems surprising anymore. If anything, Donald Trump’s bombast and rants, which sometimes draw his rivals to come back with some of their own barbs, seem to be the new normal, even if we all agree they shouldn’t be.

So we’re not surprised to see that it has perhaps given license to raised voices, examples of blatantly unbalanced news reporting, flyers and anonymous letters filled with their share of drivel that can at best be described as loshon hora. Indeed, watching Tuesday’s Teaneck live Town Council feed, there were moments where...

Let’s ‘Shine a Little Light’ on ALS

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Last week, I casually shared a video on Facebook. It was a beautiful, professionally produced music video featuring some of the “Jewish greats” performing today… Many names I recognized: Mordechai Ben David, Avraham Fried, Benny Friedman (of “Todah!” fame), Gad Elbaz and of course The Maccabeats, of whom my children are big fans, and many more names I am sorry to say I don’t yet know. It was a mash-up of top Jewish male performers, from all over the globe, singing a lovingly arranged, lyrically orchestrated song called “Shine a Little Light,” written by a certain Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz, a bedridden man featured in the video with a dark beard, who had been diagnosed with ALS...

Raising the Bar of Debate and Disagreement

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It hardly can go unnoticed that several of the Letters to the Editor published in recent editions of the Jewish Link indicate that there is squabbling and public second guessing going on between both incumbent and would-be Teaneck office holders, as well as community critics whose personal perspectives or allegiances are unknown or undeclared. These comments, in some ways, reflect the aggressive, distrustful tone of public comments made during “Good & Welfare” segments of Teaneck council meetings.

While we encourage our readers to participate in community discussion on our opinion pages, we want to remind some of the letter writers that there is a responsibility that comes with it...

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