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Candidates Do Not Exist in an AIPAC Vacuum

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The presidential candidates were on their game and said the right words. But though we may wish them to, candidates don’t exist in an AIPAC vacuum, and few of us are one-issue voters anyway.

Many of us have a history with these candidates going back decades.

The real decision we have to make is who is more likely to stick...

Why I Make Project Ezrah Part of My Purim Day

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When I was a child, I would hop out of the car with one of my mother’s brightly colored Purim baskets and run up to the houses of our family friends. It was always fun to ring a doorbell and bestow this special, joyful gift. Perhaps my costume was admired, or maybe I was patted on the head, but more than likely I was greeted with a grin of anticipation and thanked for the gift of my mom’s truly legendary hamantashen. (These are the kinds of hamantashen people call about the next day. “Where did you buy that cookie dough?” they asked. “What did you do to that filling to make it so good?” or finally, “Can I have the recipe? I just can’t wait until next year.”)

Like many...

Showing Our Respect for the U.S.-Israel Relationship

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Several years ago, the lower level of the Walter Washington Convention Center in our nation’s capital displayed, in vivid props and models, the process and timetable Iran was using in its quest to formulate military grade nuclear capabilities.

The display was daunting and perhaps prophetic. The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) virtually showed its thousands of attendees and the world, for that matter, the existential threat Iran posed to Israel and the West if it wasn’t stopped.

This coming Sunday, March 20, through Tuesday, March 22, over 15,000 supporters of Israel will again meet at the very same Convention Center in Washington, D.C. to take on the issues of...

BIS: A Way to Counteract BDS

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With BDS seemingly getting more than its share of news, be it nearby, nationally or across Europe, we were really glad to see an effort to raise awareness start in Teaneck.

Instead of BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions), how about we pay attention this time of year to BIS (Buy Israeli Stuff)? Let’s turn the boycott into a buycott.

We congratulate the Young Israel of Teaneck’s sisterhood for leading area shuls in using Israeli products as part of this year’s mishloach manot (see page 45). In conjunction with the Irving Place Minyan of Long Island, this year’s packages will come sealed with a BIS logo.

Six other local synagogues, including Ohr HaTorah, Beth Shalom, Arzei Darom...

What I Learned From My Impeachment Shabbat

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Probably the first and last Shabbat I ever “went to the office” was Saturday, December 19, 1998. I can pinpoint the moment because it was the day President Bill Clinton was impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives. I was working, at the time, as a legislative assistant to a member of the House from California, the state where I grew up.

It was not a great day, for a number of reasons. I remember noting, with a kind of disappointment, that there were no non-automatic doors available for me to get into the Rayburn House Office Building, and I didn’t feel high-ranking enough to be able to call someone in advance and ask them to help me navigate the myriad of doors, escalators...

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