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Becoming True Partners in Torah

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For over 22 years, Jews of little or no Torah background, and those who grew up in religious homes and attended yeshiva day schools, have found common ground sitting opposite one another at a table, or sitting, thousands of miles apart, at one end of a telephone.

Partners in Torah is an organization that has matched...

Looking Forward to a Better, More Secure 2016

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A year ago, as 2014 was melting into 2015, we hoped, as we do each year, for a year of good news and good health for the Jewish people here, in Israel and all over the world.

But it was just a week before the shiny hope we typically bring into a new year was tarnished. Chances were good that most of us in our corner of New Jersey didn’t know the name Charlie Hebdo, nor did we ever shop at the Paris Hyper Cacher kosher market. On January 7, terrorists killed 12 staffers of the Paris-based Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine, a publication that mocked religious icons, including Muhammed. For that mocking, staffers died at the hands of Islamic terrorists. Two days later, four Jews were...

Looking Back, Looking Ahead: 2015 Reflections

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2015 was the first full year that Essex and Union counties were “linked” with Bergen through the newspaper formerly known as the Jewish Link of Bergen County, now the Jewish Link of New Jersey. Bergen County has long been associated with Jewish life—its schools, restaurants and other kosher amenities are appreciated and used by many beyond its borders. By incorporating Essex and Union counties and all they have to offer, the Jewish Link has transformed the northern New Jersey Jewish community into a cohesive unit whose offerings have become well known to more than just its readers. Essex and Union residents are no longer “outliers.” We are now truly one unified Jewish...

May Another Force Be With You

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Far be it for us to bring down all the enthusiasm for this latest Star Wars experience, but the branding of this movie is not just within the walls of the cinema; it seems like droids and lightsabers are showing up on clothing, toys and school supplies, and certainly will be a hit come time for Purim costumes.

Many of us have seen the film or have ordered tickets way in advance to perhaps view prior to our annual December 25 takeout order from Chopstix or Estihana.

We wish to remind everyone that perhaps more than your fair share of charitable reminders are arriving in the mail to help you contribute prior to the end of the 2015 tax year. But the truth is, many of these recent pieces of...

Another Day in ‘Palestine’

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Welcome to another day in “Palestine,” where 67 percent of the population favors the recent use of knife attacks and the murder of Israelis. Why aren’t the pro-BDS liberals crying out in condemnation of such a position?

The poll, conducted by an outfit called the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research, also found that 79 percent of Palestinians back continued attacks on Israeli soldiers.

This survey tops it off with what it cites as a growing majority rejecting a two-state solution and two thirds of those polled demanding the resignation of PA President Mahmoud Abbas.

So, for all of those wide-eyed pro-BDS members, many who are members of our community, here’s what...

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