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Letters to the Editor

The Jewish Link welcomes letters to the editor, which can be emailed to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
Letters may be edited for length, clarity and appropriateness. We do not welcome personal attacks or disrespectful language, and replies to letters through our website comment feed will not be posted online. We reserve the right to not print any letter.

Letters to the Editor

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Better to Fulfill Mitzvot Than Indulge the Yetzer Hara

Regarding “From the Desk of a 17-Year-Old Yeshiva Applicant” (December 31, 2015), I would like to say the following. Broken Modern Orthodoxy? No. But perhaps the gap-year experience at a yeshiva or seminary is crucial for those who will attend secular universities...


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Assisted Suicide and Its Exceptions

I was appalled to read the diatribe by Mr. Sharaby regarding assisted suicide in your December 17 issue (“Assisted Suicide or Assisted Homicide?”). Unlike the real estate agent/finance director, I speak as a practicing physician (I am a specialist in pediatric pulmonary medicine, and a clinical professor of pediatrics at the University at Buffalo) and one who suffers from a terminal cancer.

We have come a long way in treating diseases. Whereas 30 years ago at a children’s hospital in Philadelphia we lost 12-15 patients a year to cystic fibrosis, now more than half of our center has reached adulthood, and continue to do well. I have been through...

Letters to the Editor

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Commending Councilman Pruitt After WOW Rezoning

Rezoning the World of Wings location has passed and I want to commend Dr. Henry Pruitt, who I spoke to for an hour on Tuesday afternoon with regard to the project. We agreed that the union had their own interests and poured a lot of money against the AvalonBay rezoning. Henry did his diligence and called four or five AvalonBay residencies and the townships they reside in before making a decision.

This is the first building of its type in the West Englewood section which would be beneficial for those trying to downsize.

Now that it’s approved we have to mitigate some of the risks.

1. Bakken oil trains pass through and can endanger more...

Letters to the Editor

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Politicians Who Offer Prayers Are ‘Sorry Hypocrites’

Your December 10 editorial (“If God Isn’t Fixing This, Who Is?”) left me scratching my head. The “God Isn’t Fixing This” headline in the New York Daily News was certainly dramatic, perhaps overly dramatic, but the point behind it was rather mundane and clear. It was certainly not a criticism of prayer, as your editorial bizarrely seems to induce. Rather, it was a criticism of politicians who issue prayers and sympathies to the victims of gun violence while simultaneously blocking any rational policies that would reduce gun violence. The point was that these politicians are nothing but sorry hypocrites, and their prayers...

Letters to the Editor

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Addressing the Financial Impact of Terror

As president of Keren HaTzadik USA, founded in memory of Rabbi Aryeh Levine zt”l, I am in regular contact with the volunteer director of Keren HaTzadik in Israel. Here is what he has said recently:

“We feel abandoned by the American Jews. I have one small question: Is anyone paying attention that there has been at least one terror attack daily?

“Due to the current wave of terror, hundreds of families are suffering economically because people are afraid to leave home, to go to work and to go shopping. Large numbers of students who have paid tuition are not attending classes. These people are not earning, many businesses are not earning...

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