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Letters to the Editor

The Jewish Link welcomes letters to the editor, which can be emailed to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
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Why Was Highgate Terrace Completion Announced Two Weeks Before Election?

I have to take exception to the article on Bergenfield’s reconstruction of Highgate Terrace in the October 22, 2015, edition of your paper (“Bergenfield Council Awards Highgate Terrace Bid.”)

The Borough Council, several years ago, recognized the...

letters to the editor

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Note From a Banji Fan

Thank you for running Banji Ganchrow’s humor column every week. She makes me laugh and laugh and laugh.

I have no idea who she is and I don’t even live in Teaneck, yet I can really relate to her weekly musings. She feels like a relative of mine.

I view Banji as a Jewish and hipper Erma Bombeck.

I wish all the best to Banji, husband #1 and sons 1, 2 and 3.

I can’t wait for Banji to become a mother-in-law.


Shmuel Landesman

Passaic, NJ

Entrusting Our Children to Unknown Bus Drivers

Regarding “Voicing Concerns About School Bus Safety” (October 15, 2015): This is so on target, Robin Tare. Just two days ago, a substitute driver dropped off...

Letters to the Editor

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The Hard Left’s Only Sin Is Dissent

Among other things, the piece reinforces a thought that occurred to me after Yom Kippur, that for the hard left, there is only one sin: dissenting from the hard left’s policies and program. The manifesto of the hard left can, I think, be summed up in one sentence: No dissent from our diktat is permitted.

See Mazzig’s contention in the September 24 issue of the Jewish Link, (“An Israeli Leftist to J Street: Stop!”) that J Streeters “feel entitled to tell us, Israelis, what to do. When we think differently, they will arrogantly dismiss us as people who do not know what is best for our own welfare.”

Mr. Mazzig, of course, restricts this...

Letters to the Editor

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Strong Leadership From Rep. Garrett

The recent op-ed by Congressman Scott Garrett entitled, “We Must Keep Nuclear Weapons Out of Iran,” (September 10, 2015) succinctly and effectively makes the case against the Iran nuclear deal, pointing out the significant dangers which it poses. Most important is the last line where Garrett states he will continue doing everything in his power “to keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of this tyrannical regime.”  Thank you, Congressman Garrett, for your strong leadership!

Larry Domnitch


They Suddenly Became Fools?

In the note appended to Rabbi Hershel Schachter’s letter opposing the International Beit Din (IBD), Rabbi Nota...

Letters to the Editor

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From Dallas to Bergenfield

I appreciated and read with both amusement and nostalgia the article “From Teaneck to Tennessee,” (September 10, 2015). The author is 100% correct about the wonderfully unique experience of living in a small out of town Jewish community. My family and I just moved to Bergenfield after living in Dallas for 16 years. In fact, outside of four years of my life in New York, I always lived out of town: Silver Spring, New Haven and Boston. My wife is from Fair Lawn, and her brothers live in Bergenfield and Teaneck respectively, so this move was much more in her wheelhouse.

For me, this move has been challenging, as I cling to my out of town roots. However, I have...

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