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Letters to the Editor

The Jewish Link welcomes letters to the editor, which can be emailed to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
Letters may be edited for length, clarity and appropriateness. We do not welcome personal attacks or disrespectful language, and replies to letters through our website comment feed will not be posted online. We reserve the right to not print any letter.

Letters to the Editor

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Rav Schachter’s Intents Are Genuine

Regarding “Response to Rav Schachter’s Criticism of the International Beit Din on Torahweb.org,” (September 3, 2015), Rav Schachter is a GREAT man of TREMENDOUS sensitivity. To even subtly suggest that he is acting improperly or without the most genuine of intents simply cannot be...

World News Briefs

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Switzerland Becomes First Nation to Lift Iran Sanctions After Nuclear Deal

(JNS.org) The government of Switzerland became the first country to officially lift its sanctions against Iran in the wake of last month’s nuclear deal.

The decision, which took effect Aug. 13, removes a ban on precious metal transitions with Iranian state bodies, as well as requirements to report the trade and transport of Iranian petrochemical products, crude oil, and petroleum.

Switzerland is home to large oil trading companies such as Vitol Group, Glencore, and Trafigura Beheer BV. Ever since the U.S. and Iran broke off diplomatic relations following the 1979 Iranian Revolution, Switzerland has been...

Letters to the Editor

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A Yeshiva is Not an Individual

Rabbi David Fried has taken me to task for allegedly asserting that “despite his personal belief in a traditional understanding of revelation, Rabbi [Asher] Lopatin’s refusal to view contrary beliefs as inherently heretical places him, and the institution he heads, outside of Orthodoxy as well.”

Rabbi Fried’s presentation of my view is based on the following two sentences in my article, the first of which he quotes in full: “I emphatically do not question the Orthodoxy of Rabbi Lopatin’s own beliefs. Nonetheless, his statements severely compromise the status of the institution that he heads.” How this passage can lead to the assertion that I...

Letters to the Editor

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A YCT Graduate Responds to Dr. Berger

In his July 9 op-ed (“The Rabbinical Council of America and Yeshivat Chovevei Torah: A Response to Rabbis Avi Weiss and Asher Lopatin”), Dr. David Berger defends the Rabbinical Council of America’s (RCA) decision to exclude graduates of Yeshivat Chovevei Torah (YCT) from its ranks. He asserts that YCT has sought to redefine the core beliefs of Orthodoxy, and the RCA is simply maintaining traditional standards. He bases this assertion on a statement from Rabbi Asher Lopatin, the president of YCT, which he wrote in response to an article by Rabbi Zev Farber. Rabbi Farber’s article denied the historicity of the revelation at Sinai, a belief that...

Letters to the Editor

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Yoeztet Event Accurately Described

The reason the Yoetzet Event was called “community-wide” is not “complicated” at all (“Yoatzot: Both ‘Strongly Opposed’ and ‘Warmly Welcomed’ in the Teaneck Community,” August 13, 2015). Simply:

The event was open to all women in the community.

The event was attended by hundreds of women from a large cross-section of the community, representing many more than the few shuls that officially sponsored it.

Although some segments of the community may not be supportive, many women are voting with their feet and their cell phones.

Ellen Krischer

Teaneck, NJ

Peer Support Recommended for Depression

Many thanks to Shoval Gur-Aryeh, PhD...

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