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Preparing the Next Generation for Jewish Communal Advocacy

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I was a lucky one. While I had little if any substantive knowledge of the forces that drive public policy matters that any Jew would be concerned about, I did have a burning desire to somehow make a difference. I was 21, a Brooklyn College junior, who believed that he was a political maven, and compared to my contemporaries I...

Piece of Broken Glass Ruins Palestinian Cause

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Ordinarily, a piece of broken glass lying on the ground is unsightly litter at best, a danger to bare feet and pets at worst. But not in the Middle East—there a piece of broken glass has the power to ruin decades of political propaganda. Pro-Palestinian propaganda, that is.

Case in point: this week’s discovery of the world’s oldest glass kilns, alongside a railroad track at the foot of Mount Carmel, near Haifa.

Dr. Yael Gorin-Rosen, the head curator of the Israel Antiquities Authority’s Glass Department, announced that the Mount Carmel diggers had come across pieces of broken glass, which in turn revealed full-fledged glass kilns—”a very important discovery with...

A Lesson for the Jews—From ‘The Waltons’

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The passing of a television writer is not the sort of event that usually raises questions about the future of American society. But the recent death of Earl Hamner, Jr., creator of the 1970s series “The Waltons,” coming as it does in the midst of an exceptionally tumultuous political season, invites fresh consideration of the state of the country—and its implications for American Jewry.

“The Waltons,” which debuted on CBS in 1972, was an hour-long drama that followed the lives of a family in rural West Virginia during the Great Depression. Based on Hamner’s own childhood, “The Waltons” highlighted values such as hard work, religious faith, modesty and the importance of...

Foreign Affairs: The War Ahead of Europe

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“You cry like a woman because you couldn’t defend like a man,” said Muhammad XII’s mother as the weeping emir left the Alhambra Palace for the ceremony in which he surrendered to Spain, Islam’s last West-European realm.

That was in 1492. Now the pendulum has swung. As Muslims this week again sent Christian Europe running for cover, the one shedding tears was European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini.

The attackers’ affiliation, motivation and aims became clear shortly after they murdered dozens and wreaked havoc in the EU’s capital: They were activated by Islamic State, which in turn explained through its news agency that it was out to attack “the...

Post-AIPAC Policy Conference: Who Would Best Lead Us?

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So am I going to be a bad person if I tell you something you don’t necessarily want to hear?

Coming from socialist summer camps and a liberal Democrat family, I decided not to make up my mind about the President. So when Donald Trump got up to the microphone, I closed my eyes for as long as I could and listened.

I’m here to propose to you that if anyone else got up on that stage and said most of the words that Donald Trump said, he or she would have been given a standing ovation by the AIPAC audience.

I got so tired of people whining about how they were going to walk out on Trump during his AIPAC message. Walking out is the coward’s way to make a decision. You don’t walk out on...

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