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Helping Our Children Have the Best—and Safest—Summer Ever

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Children greeted the official start of summer with open arms earlier this week, excited for the fun-filled season ahead. Some will learn how to swim for the first time while others will shoot their first layups; all are eagerly looking forward to the best summer ever.

As parents, though, summer comes along with uncertainty...

An Israeli’s Perspective on the Tel Aviv Terror Attack

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Tel Aviv-Yafo—I woke up last Thursday morning to the news of another terrorist attack. Trying to avoid the all-too-easy jaded response of “not again,” I instead tried to think about this from the perspective of an outsider, imagining the headlines if this atrocity had happened in a different country: Four dead in a shooting in a public area in Birmingham, the second-largest city in the United Kingdom. Terrorist organization claims shooting attack in Lyon, four dead. Canadian Prime Minister pledges strong response to terror attack in Montreal.

Then I remembered that I live in Israel, a country whose very existence breeds controversy around the world, lacking recognition in entire...

The ‘Palestinian’ Lie

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In the early 1990s, the Government of Israel took what remains as the single greatest risk for peace and security since the State’s independence in 1948. The gamble failed miserably. Israelis—and Jews around the world—continue to pay the price—perhaps most spectacularly in the rise of the international BDS movement specifically, and more broadly, in the rebirth of a virulent, open Jew hatred of a kind not seen since the decade leading to the Holocaust.

The risk was Israel’s willingness to abide by a lie. It happened in September 1993, when Israel acknowledged the existence of a “Palestinian people” in the Oslo Accords. Any attempt to understand why so many people slander...

Support the Secure Schools for All Children Act

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There’s an old saying that “you can’t put a price on safety.”

While true in the abstract, the state of New Jersey puts a price on the safety of our school children each and every year.

As part of New Jersey’s budget, our state government allocates an average of $144 per student toward the cost of keeping our children safe during the school day. But as it stands, that money goes only to protect the state’s public-school children, excluding the more than 150,000 children who attend New Jersey’s hundreds of non-public schools.

Non-public school children face exactly the same security risks as their public school counterparts. And yet our state makes no provision for their...

Modern Orthodoxy Derailed—Time to Return to the Station

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The train has derailed, but no one knows why. Far too much time and effort have been invested trying to hoist the railcars back up and onto the tracks, but it is not really helping.

The train is called Modern Orthodoxy, and it is clear that it has partially derailed. Disaffected and disillusioned constituents, confused messages, significant and frequent “defection” to “Traditional Orthodoxy” or to non-Orthodoxy, and overall lack of palpable inspiration on the part of many of Modern Orthodoxy’s adherents have prompted interesting solutions to get back on track: Carlebach minyanim, independent minyanim, Neo-Chassidus, Tikkun Olam–centered Orthodoxy, liberal intellectual...

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