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How to Kill a Goldfish

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If you’re reading this, our goldfish is probably dead.

Wait. You didn’t actually know we had a goldfish. I’ll start over.

So we got a goldfish.

We weren’t going to get a goldfish. In fact, my wife is strictly anti-pet, because we have a small enough house as it is, and enough mouths to feed, and if we’re going to...

Casting the Vote

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A few weeks ago, I voted in the New Jersey presidential primary. It was my first time ever voting, since I had turned 18, and even though New Jersey’s primary didn’t seem like it would matter much, I decided to take part anyway. (Spoiler alert: I’m not revealing any of my political leanings here, so don’t get your hopes up.) After casting my vote at the local public school, I got a ride home with a family friend from shul. He said to me something along the lines of, “Are you going to write for your column about voting for the first time?”

I answered in the negative, reasoning that the voting didn’t feel that significant and I didn’t feel like I had done anything that...

Double Aliyah From Teaneck’s Edgemont Place

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Atara Staiman and Amanda Alexander grew up side by side on Edgemont Place in Teaneck. Atara, daughter of Aliza and Kal Staiman, and Amanda, daughter of Sharon and Benjamin Alexander, both attended Yavneh Academy and Ma’ayanot. Atara continued her studies at Shaalvim for Women and then went on to earn her Bachelor’s Degree from Stern College and a Masters in Jewish Education from Azrieli. She taught fifth, sixth and seventh grade limudei kodesh at Westchester Day School until this past June. Amanda spent her gap year at Midreshet Harova and then went on to study for a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology at Baruch College. She earned a Masters in Education at Hunter College and went on...

When They Are Gone: Carrying On the Memories of Survivors

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Throughout most of my childhood, I spent many holidays and vacations in Miami Beach with my great grandmother, Susan Rapaport a”h. When I was little, Grandma Susi was many things to me. She was the woman whose face lit up whenever we came to see her, letting us know how special we were. She was the woman who told us to come right over when our flight landed in the middle of the night, so that she could cook us macaroni and cheese. And as I grew older, I realized there was much more. She was the woman who survived Auschwitz after her whole family was wiped out. She was the woman who came to America with my great grandfather, Leo Rapaport, and rebuilt her life from nothing. And before...

Summer Jobs for Kids

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Mothers love discussing their children’s milestones. “How old was he when he walked?” “What were her first words?” To be honest, if you ask most fathers these questions you probably won’t get such an accurate answer. “I don’t know; he was probably about 1 or 2 when he walked. Definitely less than 3. I remember him being pretty short, so less than 3 sounds right. Final answer.” “I believe her first words were gaga followed by a googoo.”

But if you ask that same man how old his child was when she got her first summer job, then he’ll know exactly. “She was 15 years, three months and four days old.” This is the ultimate milestone for a parent. It’s not just...

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