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Moshe Baran: Partisan Extraordinaire

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Moshe Baran is not your run-of-the-mill 92-year-old. A retired real estate manager, Moshe has the distinction of being a Holocaust survivor and one of a dwindling number of partisans still alive to tell his story. His story is one of determination, survival and courage. But it is his resolve to speak about his experiences to...

Leisure in Israel: A Contradiction in Terms

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In honor Of Obama’s visit to Israel, a local Modiin newspaper was writing a story on “American phenomena” in Modiin. I was called by the reporter who wanted to interview me about our “book club.” I was surprised she considered a book club an American phenomenon, but she was certain that there was no Israeli equivalent.

Book clubs fall into the leisure time activity category, so I should not be surprised that they don’t exist in Israel. Middle-aged religious Israelis, the population with which I am most familiar, simply don’t have much time for reading a book, and even less time to commit to meeting up with others to discuss it. Sadly, they don’t have time for much beyond...

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