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‘Vi Volt Ir Es Gezogt of Yiddish?’ or ‘How Would You Say It in Yiddish?’

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Teaneck resident Gitl Schaechter-Viswanath is helping people answer the question, “Vi volt ir es gezogt of Yiddish?” or “How would you say it in Yiddish?” With the spring 2016 publication of the Comprehensive English-Yiddish Dictionary—the first English-Yiddish Dictionary in nearly 50 years—she has brought the...

The Biale Rebbe Visits Passaic and West Orange

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Barely a year has passed since the Biale Rebbe’s last visit to Passaic and West Orange, but it seems like so much more. Dozens of miracle stories have resulted from the Rebbe’s blessings last year, and the sense of wonder and awe that remain with all who met him in Passaic and West Orange continue to buzz within the community. Now, anticipation pulses as Passaic and West Orange residents look forward to seeing the beloved Rebbe again, hearing his golden advice and, above all, glimpsing his loving smile.

What is it about Biale Bnei Brak Rebbe that attracts thousands to him? What propels hundreds of people to stand on line for hours for a meeting with the Rebbe? What makes the...

Walking the (Hem)line

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Anyone watching the fashion scene surely takes note of a very noticeable fact: Trends come and go, and eventually tend to come back. The 1920s dresses were unique in its day—with handkerchief hems and designs that were shorter in front and longer in the back—but “what’s old is new again,” and after reappearing for a time in the ‘70s and ‘80s, almost a century later from their initial appearance, these designs have returned again to add a touch of whimsy to the hemline.

“The asymmetrical integrity of the jagged hems creates visually interesting lines on the body, as well as a good amount of volume that tends to be quite flattering,” explained fashion stylist...

Hot Hair-Color Trends for Summer 2016

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Looking to update your hair or wig? Color is a great way to do so and 2016 is all about rich, warm colors. For brunettes, think tones of milk to dark chocolate—delicious! There is a new color called bronde (as one would expect, it’s a combo of brown and blond)—which is all the rage and, for the blonde lovers, buttery blondes are back! After years of cool, icy blonde shades, warm, bright, buttery beige blondes are making a comeback. Variations of highlights and darker colors at the roots are also very popular—which is great for wig wearers as it works to create a very natural look on a wig.

This year, achieving that perfect color is all about balayage—hand-painted-on...

HydroChic Provides Stylish and Modest Swimwear for Girls

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New Rochelle—Parents of young girls ages 5–14 who want their kids to look chic in swimwear but want more coverage choices should look no further than HydroChic (www.hydrochic.com), the swim and activewear company that offers more modest styling options for young girls, as well as missy & plus-sized women.

Now HydroChic offers the same great coverage, sun protection and chlorine resistance for young kids and “tweens” as it does for the grown-up set. Says HydroChic co-founder Sara Wolf, “The vibrant, young swimwear line champions affordable fashion swimwear for the style-savvy girl who wants more coverage, either for greater sun protection, modesty or just personal...

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