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Top Jewish Fashionistas to Arrive in Israel on Premier Delegation

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Jerusalem—Thirty-five Jewish women from around the world who are also fashion industry mavens will be experiencing the journey of a lifetime this month, seeing Israel beyond the headlines while connecting with Israel’s fashion leaders.

The special delegation, July 26–Aug. 3, will include Jewish fashionistas...

Kosher Casual Meets the Demand for Modest Clothing

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Peruse the pages of fashion magazines or comb through racks in clothing stores and you’re sure to see lots of lovely outfits you can’t wear. Hems too high. Necklines too low. Sleeves? Well, in the summer you can’t even find them. But an Israeli company is meeting the demand for clothing that covers all the right bases while still being fashionable and comfortable.

“We’ll go to fashion stores and see what’s in, and re-interpret the look for the modest market,” said Gary Swickley, CEO of Kosher Casual. “We talk to customers all the time and we look at the internet to get ideas.” An in-house designer translates the styles to fit Kosher Casual’s brand.

Swickley, an...

‘In the Room’ With Elie Wiesel

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My first experience with Elie Wiesel was in the classroom.

I was in a Jewish Literature class. We had finished reading Shalom Aleichem and were moving on to Wiesel’s Night. Our instructor was a short, frum man who always wore a dark suit to class. This was in the spring of 1975. Our class, composed of young men and women, was a sea of blue jeans, t-shirts and sandals.

The teacher had a passion for literature. He would stand up on his tiptoes and his voice could be almost a whisper when going over a word or line in our classwork. It was as if he was there in a shtetl when it came to the works of Shalom Aleichem.

But when it came to Night, all of that changed. Our teacher’s voice...

How Orthodox Is Open Orthodoxy?

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Why Open Orthodoxy Is Not Orthodox, By David Rosenthal, forward by Rav Aharon Feldman, Paperback, $12.49: 278 pages, Yad Yosef Publications (June 19, 2016).


Rabbi David Rosenthal recently published a book on an emotionally charged communal issue. The book’s title—Why Open Orthodoxy Is Not Orthodox—leads with his conclusion. To the author’s credit, he places his agenda front and center. Are we, as a community, willing to entertain this hurtful and painful accusation? We must give the issue due consideration, regardless of whether we ultimately accept or reject Rabbi Rosenthal’s conclusion.

To a secular Jew, the boundaries of Judaism remain vague. After rejecting the...

Jewish Community Mourns Passing of Rabbi Maurice Lamm

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Rabbi Maurice Lamm passed away last week at the age of 86. He was a beloved and respected writer, speaker and leader in the Jewish community. Rabbi Lamm is well known for his world-famous book, The Jewish Way in Death and Mourning, which has been the gold standard for Jewish mourners. His book provides the relatives of the deceased with both factual and comforting information to help them with every step of the burial and mourning period. Originally published in 1969, it has been updated to include many relevant new topics, such as autopsies, organ donation, mourning practices with stillborns, a woman’s right to say kaddish and others. Among his other notable books that have become...

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