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Family-Owned, Boutique Israeli Wineries Offer Flavorful Shavuot Wines

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Teaneck—The unique stories behind wines and wineries often aide in creating an understanding of the winemaker; and, of course, foods and wines generally taste better when they are somewhat contextualized and understood. Some wines recommended for this Shavuot by Leo Gross of FillerUp Wines in Teaneck are best explained...

Tnuva’s Shavuot Dairy and Cheese Recipes

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The Shavuot festival highlights a time when family and friends gather together to revel in the holiday’s various culinary endeavors, highlighted by dairy dishes.

At Tnuva’s headquarters in the Holy Land, a phalanx of the company’s gastronomic experts work diligently to create recipes for the Jewish world, based on the company’s constantly growing array of quality dairy and cheese products that are available in local supermarkets. Tnuva invites you to fashion some delicious holiday dishes with the following recipes:

No-Bake Cheesecake Over Crumbled Caramel Biscuits

Serves 6–8 portions


1 cup powdered gelatin

½ cup boiling water

1 ½ cups caramel...

Think Swiss for Shavuot

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It is a well-known fact that it is much less complicated to prepare a meat meal for a special occasion than a dairy meal. Yom Tov is a time when our preparation of meals becomes more complex and our minds try to lean towards the gourmet. It is easy during the week to boil a pot of pasta and throw some tomato sauce over it with a tinge of parmesan. When it comes to Shavuot there has to be more than the usual blintzes, lasagna, baked ziti and salmon in order to please our yearning for a solid, tasty and fun dairy meal. With the knowledge that there are still holdouts that refuse to have dairy on Shavuot, those that do indulge, love the change.

How many have considered the possibility of...

The Rise of Rosé—Why Pink Is the New Darling of Wine Lovers

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According to a recent study, Rosé wine sales are growing at least 10 times faster than the growth of overall table-wine sales in the United States. In fact, “US retail sales of premium imported Rosé wines (those priced at or above $12 a bottle) grew by 41 percent on volume and 53 percent on value in recent years,” Nielsen reported in January. “This is compared to growth rates of 1.0 percent on volume and 3.3 percent on value for the total table-wine market.”

So why is Rosé taking the wine industry by storm?

Rosé is wonderfully refreshing, pairs beautifully with foods and because there are so many different varietal blends to choose from, there’s a Rosé wine for...

‘Medal Rain’ for Kosher Wines in Prestigious Competitions

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Awards, top ratings and gold medals keep flowing for kosher wines from all over the world. Over the last couple of weeks, the results of two highly regarded wine competitions have been published, proving once again that kosher wines compete very well with the best wines in the world.

The Golden Cluster competition is the most respected of its kind in Israel. Every year, a jury composed of winemakers, wine writers and sommeliers reviews hundreds of the latest released wines entered in the race for the coveted gold and silver medals.

The Tabor Adama II Zohar won a gold medal at the Golden Cluster. This original blend of Chardonnay, Roussanne and Colombard is as original as it...

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