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Celebrate Passover With De La Rosa’s 100 Percent Pure Avocado Oil

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De La Rosa Real Foods & Vineyards has announced its latest healthy offering: 100 Percent Pure Avocado Oil. It has been confirmed that De La Rosa has just received its first shipment of their Cold Pressed Avocado Oil and its initial release into the market is making quite an impression amongst the kosher community. Pressed...

Pesach Is Coming, Ready or Not

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I try to think of things to make that are versatile. These blintzes are great because you can fill them with cheese or potato as most people do. However, you can also change it up and use them as a meat appetizer or serve along a main dish as well.

Chicken Blintzes

To make the blintzes you will need:

 8 eggs1 tsp salt2/3 cup water½ cup potato starch


Beat eggs, dissolve potato starch in water, add to egg mixture, add salt.  This year I have been doing this in a mixer and I find the potato starch gets incorporated much better.  Heat a small frying pan (Teflon is best). I usually spray the pan with nonstick spray and periodically, every two blintzes or so, respray and add oil...

Top Five Red Seder Wines Under $35

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I love Pesach. I have always loved Pesach. There are many reason why Pesach holds such a fond place in my heart; perhaps it could be some subconscious memory of my first seder when I was a mere 12 hours old, or my love of all things matzah and cream cheese related. It could be due to my love of family gatherings and the drama that inevitably ensues, or my love of Torah and the springs of spirituality that sprout forth from the mouths of all present at the Pesach seder. All those could be true. But in reality, they probably aren’t. The real truth as to why I will forever have an unadulterated affinity towards the holiday of Pesach and specifically the sedarim is the mitzvah we...

Passover Flour Is Not ‘Completely Nuts’ Anymore

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Pesach flours are increasing in quality and the offerings are not only more diverse, they are more healthful as well. You might even find that for year-round baking, you like the nutty flavor of quinoa flour or the “coconutty-ness” of coconut flour more than the all-purpose flour gold standard. In many houses, any type of flour is better than matzo cake meal, but the quality of even that seems to improve each year as well! Enjoy these recipes from Pereg, which utilize a number of their new flours available this Pesach season, including quinoa, almond and coconut. Gluten-free eaters are also sure to appreciate the broader options. Make sure to warn anyone with tree nut allergies of...

Cookbooks, Lovingly Culled From Memories of Holocaust Survivors

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Joanne Caras was excited to visit her son Jonathan and daughter-in-law Sarah in Israel after they made Aliyah. She saw all the important and beautiful sights, like Yad Vashem and the Dead Sea. But it was a meal in a soup kitchen, where the young couple volunteered, that had the most impact on her.

Ms. Caras told a rapt audience, at the Chabad of Teaneck’s Women’s Circle on March 3, about their experience at Carmel Ha’ir, a restaurant-style soup kitchen, where soldiers, families and businessmen were seated and served from a menu. “I whispered (to my son) ‘why are we eating here if we have money?’ My son said we will leave tzedakah at the door and no one will know who...

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