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A New Generation at Dunkin Donuts

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Meet Brian, son of Anna, who is now working part time at Teaneck’s kosher  Dunkin Donuts. Anna is the friendly lady who is always working devilishly to prepare items made on the grill. Will this be the new Raj?

Say hello to him if he happens to be there on your next visit!

Kosher Taste Provides a Recipe for Every Palate

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In her book, Kosher Taste, the author shares her formula for success: Plan. Prepare. Plate. Like many, Amy Stopnicki juggles a busy career and family life and takes pride in the food she puts out. Whether a simple family meal or a more formal dinner party, Amy’s food philosophy of healthful eating, balanced meals, simple ingredients and food that looks as beautiful as it tastes will work for everyone.

Every recipe offers the same easy-to-follow formula. Plan: Here Amy shares her tips for preparing ingredients ahead of time, sharing personal stories and examples from her life and how she manages her own time. Prepare: Here are the simple instructions and step-by-step guide to...

A New ‘Dinner’ From Shabbat Leftovers

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So it’s a Monday night, and I really shouldn’t have to cook because there is leftover sliced corned beef, brown rice with onions, roasted butternut squash, chicken soup and a kale salad. Sounds like a delicious meal, no? No. I guarantee you that if I put this delicious meal on the table I will get a raised eyebrow, a flared nostril and some exaggerated deep breaths.

Since I was definitely not planning on cooking, and likely ending up with all this delicious food in the garbage, I decided to do the food-disguise thing. The corned beef and rice were going to get combined in a skillet, with two beaten eggs thrown in there for good measure, and—ta da!— a corned beef fried rice. I...

Israeli Wines Sweep Dusseldorf Wine Competition

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Israel once again proved it can produce world-class wines, with Israeli wineries winning four gold medals and five silver at the international Mundus Vini Competition held this week in Dusseldorf, Germany.

More than 5,000 wines from all major winemaking regions compete at the Mundus Vini competition in multiple categories, making it one of the most significant competitions in the wine-making world.

Prestigious Grand Gold medal was awarded to Galil Mountain Alon 2012.

Gold medals went to Yarden Cabernet Sauvignon 2011, Gamla Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 and Galil Mountain Yiron 2012.

Silver Medals were awarded to Yarden Chardonnay Oden 2013, Yarden Pinot Noir 2011, Galil Pinot Noir 2014...

Welcome Back Brussels Sprouts

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Slowly the news has begun to spread—our starving palates will no longer have to feel deprived.

Bodek has begun to package frozen Brussels sprouts once again. Years of green beans and peas on our plates now have competition from their cousin in green.

Rabbi Zvi Nussbaum, of the OU Kashrus Department, as well as the Rav of the Torah Center of Chestnut Ridge, explained that it is at a premium that Bodek has decided to reunite us all with this small, green, cabbage-like vegetable. Due to the vegetable’s issues with infestation, it is not easily processed, and requires a mashgiach temidi to be present.

Check the frozen-food department of all the local kosher establishments to find...

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