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The Heimishe Household: It’s All in the Blintzes

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There are thousands of good Pesach recipes, but I chose to share this recipe because Pesach is a time for family; a time for food; a time for passing on traditions. This recipe is a change from the heavy meat meals we are accustomed to. You might like to serve this as lunchtime fare a day after the Sedorim.

I passed this...

Chag Kasher V’Sameach

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And a Healthy One, too.

With Pesach upon us we are often swept away in preparations for the holiday. The intense cooking, the rigorous cleaning and serious learning that is required for a meaningful Chag leaves us little time to think about what happens after the sun sets on the 15th of Nissan.

It may be helpful to set aside a few minutes to anticipate the kinds of foods that we’ll be eating and the manner in which we eat them. A healthy approach may not just be “good” for the body but may lead to a more pleasant Yom Tov.

Nutrition is certainly not my area of specialty, but, one need not be a physician, a nutritionist or even a Jewish mother to offer some sound advice about...

A Liberated Pesach

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Even Food Matters

Pesach is all about liberation, the process that allows us to receive and grasp Torah and meaningful lives. We can become ever freer by delving deeper into Torah teachings related to Pesach.

After escaping from Egyptian slavery, we had the unleavened bread — our matzoh — that we brought with us and eventually the manna that we received in the wilderness, which was “like a coriander seed” (Ex. 16:31). These were all vegan foods, until quail was lusted after, demanded, delivered, and eaten, after which thousands of us died and were buried at the “Graves of Lust” (Num. 11:34). We apparently did not learn the lesson that we can be properly nourished and...

Over the Kosher Kitchen Sink

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When we sat down before Pesach to compare our menus, it was clear we have very different approaches to Pesach cooking. Rayzel and her family embrace the familiarity of traditional Pesach starch substitutes like matzoh lasagna and matzoh brei, while Chavie and her family look forward to lots of roasted vegetables, cold salads and dishes that are not specifically made with matzoh. Both our families look forward to these special Pesach foods.

What follows are some of Chavie’s family favorites, Pesach lasagna and a vegetable stew with mini-matzoh dumplings, lighter than the usual matzoh-based fare, but hearty enough for both of us!

Meat Lasagna

4 eggs

4 Tablespoons potato starch

½ cup...

Glatt Express Supermarket:

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Better than Ever and Still Growing

Shopping at Glatt Express Supermarket in Teaneck brings to mind that old children’s memory game: I went to the store and I bought some apples…and bagels,chicken and deli….All these items and so much more are available in the recently refurbished store on Queen Anne Road, giving the kosher consumer the opportunity to find products from A to Z under one roof; one-stop shopping made easy.

Glatt Express was the first kosher supermarket in Teaneck, established 28 years ago to serve the ever-growing Jewish communities in Bergen County and neighboring towns, and Tammy Secemski, a young housewife and mother of five, was one of the store’s best...

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