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First Real-Time Patient Monitoring in NY/NJ Area

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Wireless Technology Available Only at Holy Name Medical Center

Teaneck—Holy Name Medical Center is the first hospital in the NY/NJ metropolitan area to use digital monitoring technology to continuously track patients’ vital signs. The ViSi® Mobile device, about the size of a business card, is worn on the wrist and...

Genetic Differences May Reduce Pain-Relieving Effects of Opioids

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New York—A comprehensive review of the scientific literature on opioid pain management found that people with a certain gene mutation do not respond as well to opioid pain medications and may need to be managed differently to get relief.

The review was presented at Touro College Research Day, held on Tuesday, May 3, at the Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine and the Touro College of Pharmacy campus in Harlem.

Though there are standard dosages for opioids, studies have shown that patients react differently to them. “Some people don’t seem to respond as well, and doses need to be raised in order to have adequate pain control, but that increases the risks of side effects, including...

Exercise During Pregnancy

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One of the most frequent discussions I have with pregnant patients revolves around their level of physical activity during pregnancy. Usually the woman is used to an active lifestyle involving regular exercise and she is inquiring whether she can continue exercising during pregnancy. Frequently, however, most of the conversation is spent dispelling myths she may have heard from a friend, read in a magazine or, most commonly nowadays, read online. Women are often advised not to do certain activities in pregnancy, typically not based on any scientific evidence, and sometimes even in direct opposition to the current evidence.

Exercise has many benefits in general, including overall health...

The End of Self-Help Books…From a Former Self-Help Junkie

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As someone who has been an enlightenment junkie since the age of 16 (I’m 63 now, so that’s a lot of years), I feel I can speak with some authority on what psychological or spiritual techniques have a great deal of value. On what really helps. When you look through the abundance of therapy, self-help and coaching books out there, you see a lot of claims like, “I have found the way…” or “How to solve all of your problems…” (if you just do it my way, of course, and buy my book or class). It’s dizzying and anxiety producing. Should I do this, or should I do that? Oh no—maybe I am doing the wrong thing! What if I am making a mistake or missing out? Anxiety, anxiety...

When the Disorder Walks Into the Room Before I Do

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“What exactly do you do?”

- I’m an eating disorder therapist.

“Oh, wow. What made you choose that field?”

-Well I’ve wanted to go into counseling since I was young, but it was actually my own struggle with anorexia that pushed me in that direction.

Silence. Sometimes there’s an awkward stare, a cough. A widening of the eyes or a slow nod. Other times there is praise. “That’s so brave” or “I feel like most people who go into these fields have had a history; that’s great that you’re so open.”

I made the decision a long time ago to share my struggle with the world. For years I had kept it a secret, barely talking about it with my closest friends and extended...

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