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Have You Lost Your Mojo? What the Heck Is Mojo, Anyway?

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Does anybody know what your mojo really is? My understanding is that it means your life force. When you’ve got your mojo, you’re cooking!

We all know that experience of “cooking with gas” or “being in the flow.” When we are “in the flow,” life is much more effortless. If you are a writer, the words come...

Engaging Your Audience—It’s in Your Hands

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When Nixon and Kennedy took part in the first televised presidential debate in 1960, the world and the candidates were in for a shock. They learned that their nonverbal behavior, in some ways, has a larger impact than their words. The radio audience thought that Nixon fared better because they didn’t see the obvious discomfort in his body language, and his verbal message was strong. On the other hand, the television audience saw Kennedy’s confident and engaged body language and thought that he was the obvious winner.

Even the most brilliantly written speech will fall on deaf ears, if the speaker fails to establish trust and rapport with his audience. Our hands are arguably...

Why Won’t My Doctor Prescribe Antibiotics?

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Q: My 4-year-old has had fever and a runny nose for one week with thick, yellow mucous and a cough. His throat culture was negative and my pediatrician does not want to give him antibiotics. I have been into the office twice in the last week and I just left my doctor another message. Why does he insist on giving me such a hard time? Why won’t he just prescribe the antibiotic so my baby will get better?!!!

A: Believe it or not, this question has a very simple answer. Antibiotics do not fight infections caused by viruses. Period. End of story. Antibiotics are one of the greatest inventions of our time and have saved a countless number of lives but if your child does not have a bacterial...

Getting Your Best Sleep: A Q&A With Jonathan Simhaee, MD, Board Certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

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Forty-five percent of Americans say that poor or insufficient sleep affected their daily activities at least once in the past seven days, according to the National Sleep Foundation’s inaugural Sleep Health Index™. That coincides with the over 70 million Americans who suffer from disorders of sleep and wakefulness.

Jonathan Simhaee, MD is board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at The Center for Musculoskeletal Disorders in Englewood, NJ and is also fellowship trained in Spine and Interventional Pain Management. He gives useful advice below on how to maximize sleep.

Do you have any specific pillows you recommend for back pain sufferers? (If so, what are...

Healing Is Not So Black and White

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“…colors are metaphors for the continuous actions, stemming from higher roots.” – The Ramak, Pardes Rimonim

Physics tells us that our perception of color is not the true color of the object; rather, what we see is the color that the object actually rejects. In other words, look at a yellow flower on the Shabbos table for example. Its essence is not truly yellow; rather, the natural dyes in the petals utterly reject yellow and those rejected yellow light waves enter our jelly eyes. In addition, our imperfect eyes filter that rejected color, flip the image, convert it into panoply of neurotransmitters and reconstruct it as an electrochemical likeness on the back of the brain. To be...

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