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Puah Discusses the First Uterine Transplant Performed in the U.S.

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Modern medicine and science continue to amaze by making the impossible possible. One of the latest of these advances is the possibility of transplanting a uterus. Puah has been busy educating the community on the halachic components of uterine transplant. In February, Rabbi Gideon Weitzman, Puah director, was a guest...

How to Stop Insects From ‘Bugging’ Us

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It’s that time of year when we are continually reminded that we are just bystanders on this insect earth. And, knowing it may be insulting to the insect world and those who admire it, for the remainder of this article I will refer to insects as bugs because they surely bug all of us…a lot! Bugs are everywhere—you can’t go through a spring or summer day without encountering a mosquito, gnat, fly, beetle, wasp, yellowjacket, ant or moth. The emergence of the Zika virus has brought more desire to prevent bug bites and overall has brought well-needed attention and scrutiny to the bug-repellent market. This article is going to discuss the different options when looking for the right...

Human Stem Cell Breakthrough Transforms Genetic Disease Research

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(CUMC/New York Stem Cell Foundation) A team of scientists from Hebrew University, Columbia University Medical Center and The New York Stem Cell Foundation Research Institute (NYSCF) have found a way to create human stem cells with only 23 chromosomes, rather than the usual 46. This greatly enhances the ability to study genetic mutations and create therapies for diseases such as Tay-Sachs.

Researchers have been limited by the fact that human cells are diploid, meaning they contain two copies of the human genome. The discovery of a haploid cell with only 23 chromosomes makes it simpler for scientists to isolate and study genetic mutations without the “interference” of the second set...

Matzah, the Bread of Affliction…For Your Teeth

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Without fail, the one holiday we get the most emergency calls from is Pesach. Crunching on hard matzah for a week can test even the hardiest of mouths. Combine that with the sticky candy that seems to be ubiquitous this time of year and overall nonstop holiday eating, and it is a recipe for disaster. Even in the best of circumstances (and the most well-kept mouths), emergencies can happen. Here are some tips to help make your Pesach, or any holiday, much smoother.

The following is a real-life scenario (just ask Bubbie Schneider). While playing with her grandchildren one day, one suddenly reared his head up—and smacked into Bubbie’s mouth. The first thing she did was to apply ice to...

Chores, Every Child’s Six-Letter Dirty Word

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If you’re like a lot of parents, you tend to brace yourself when telling your children to clean up or to do chores. You know you’re being reasonable and fair. You know all children need to learn responsibility and good habits. So, it isn’t that you question yourself. It’s just that, perhaps, you expect a lot of push-back from your children and often are not in the mood to deal with it, especially after a long day at work or as a stay-at-home parent (which is no less difficult).

So, what do you do? Do you muster up the strength and force of will and plow ahead, or do you take the path of least resistance and skip the chores “just this once” (which then turns into a regular...

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