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A Letter Without a Stamp

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It has been been almost a year since a special patient of mine, Harry, passed away. I think of him often. My relationship with Harry took place over several months. Though Harry was my patient he was actually my teacher in many ways.

Harry was an 88-year-old, Protestant gentleman, a former engineer and war veteran, who was...

The Zika Virus: What You Need to Know This Summer

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Over this past year, stories about the Zika virus have been dominating headlines across the world. The media explosion began after the first case was recorded in Brazil in February. Previously unheard of in these areas, Zika cases started to pop up all over Central and South America. Since then, the media has been abuzz with pictures of the devastating birth defects caused by the virus, and news about the 2016 Summer Olympics being hosted in Rio, the country with the highest number of confirmed Zika cases. America’s attention has been grabbed.

What do we do with this information? What does it mean for us here, this summer, in northern New Jersey? Should the risk of Zika in...

Silence as Medicine

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“I have grown up amongst the sages and have found nothing better for the body than silence.” Pirkei Avos

One can easily observe a palpable, painful sorrow in the hospital around those patients who lack proper speech, often more so than around those struck by a pneumonia, heart attack or serious intestinal malady. When speech is hindered or gone, it seems as if life itself gone. Speech defines a person.

Silence appears, in fact, almost antithetical to Torah. Let’s face it, Jews talk. Speech is surely a gift from the Infinite, and makes humans unique from the other animals of the world, as we have earned the distinction m’daber. Hashem used His words to build a universe, where...

Dental Mouth Guards: Protect the Athletes in Your Family

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Watching the NBA finals a few weeks ago, a sight we all got used to was Stephen Curry chewing on his mouthguard during breaks in play. He knows what all dentists know—that accidents can happen and your mouth needs protecting during sports. Mouthguards not only protect teeth from chipping and cracking, they help limit the risk of injuries to your lips, tongue and all the soft tissue in your mouth as well.

Approximately five million teeth will be lost this year due to sports-related injuries—and that number is only for the US. Most people know that mouthguards are recommended for football and hockey—but did you know that the American Dental Association also advises guards for...

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Changes Lives

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Several months ago, I met an adorable baby named Adam*. Adam is the first baby I have met who was born in part due to my services as a pelvic floor physical therapist. When I first met Adam’s parents, Sarah and Jonathan, they had been married for approximately one year without ever having consummated their marriage. Despite multiple attempts, Jonathan and Sarah were not able to participate in intercourse due to Sarah’s pelvic floor muscle tightness, which resulted in sexual dysfunction. They tried various approaches, such as acupuncture and relaxation approaches; however, nothing succeeded at reducing Sarah’s pain. Even though Sarah knew that this was not her fault, she could not...

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