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Household Tips From the Heimishe Homemaker

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Diamonds aren’t indestructible. They need to be cleaned and cared for on a regular basis. To restore the sparkle in your diamond, stir up a solution of equal parts of cold water and household ammonia. Dip your diamond into the cup and soak for 30 minutes. Lift the piece out of the cup and gently tap around the mounting...

Organized, Clutter Free: My Closet, My Self

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Several years ago I was sitting in my doctor’s office in Livingston waiting the obligatory 30 minutes to leave after getting my allergy shots. I was looking through a home design magazine and had an “aha moment.” The article was about lighting and the designer was discussing how the newest thing in chandeliers was hanging them in bathrooms and closets. I felt my heart skip a beat from the excitement. A chandelier in my closet? What a novel idea! I absolutely had to have one. I called my husband from the doctor’s office and informed him that we needed to make a change of plans for our afternoon task list. We were adding a trip to Capital Lighting on Route 10 as a...

Organized and Clutter Free: My Husband Is Left Handed

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Did I get your attention with that title? Why would I even write about this topic? Allow me to explain. Last month I challenged my readers to “The Coat Closet Challenge.” I asked you to consider if you have enough room in your coat closet to hang guests’ coats when they visit for the holidays. When I went through our coat closet in preparation for the challenge, I learned something very interesting. I hang my coats facing one way (opening of coat facing the left) and my husband hangs his coat the opposite way (opening of coat facing the right). Notice I did not refer to either option as “right” or “wrong.”

As a Professional Organizer, I would prefer to keep things as...

The Heimishe Homemaker’s Helpful Hints

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Tips are a wonderful thing to help out as needed. They are sometimes worth repeating because we often forget to write them down. Here are some favorites of mine.

Did you know that?

If you make your soup or stew too salty by mistake, you can add in a cut raw potato and discard it once the item is cooked (it will absorb the salt).

If your brown sugar gets hard as a rock, you can soften it by placing a piece of soft bread in the package and closing it tightly. In a couple of hours, the sugar will be soft again. Or alternatively, you can buy a fantastic item that Sur La Table makes. Here is the link: http://www.surlatable.com/product/PRO-592576/Brown+Sugar+Saver. It works very well.


Tips for the Kiddies

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Having kids is a joy and a blessing. They keep our lives extremely busy and challenging at any age. We always can use a tip or two when it comes to kids/babies. Here are some for you:

Place a damp wash cloth in a Ziploc bag and put it in the freezer. When baby starts teething remove the cloth from the bag and let your baby chew on it. It will be soothing to his/her gums.

Babies’ teething toys can be cleaned and sanitized by securing them to the top basket of the dish washer when doing a load of dishes. When washing and drying kids’ sleepwear or any other clothing that is flame retardent, do not use softener or dryer sheets; it will remove the retardent.

Found a bottle or sippy...

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