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Building Blocks of Trust

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The National Association of the Remodeling Industry recommends a number of areas you should consider when selecting a contractor:

Select a contractor with an established area business specializing in your type of project.

Check local references to ensure that past clients are satisfied with their service.

Call the Better...

Why Pay Retail?

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Gently Used Items are
a Boon for Your Budget

There’s a simcha or life-cycle event brewing, and the family budget is stretched to the max. Everyone wants to wear a fresh and new outfit, but the department stores and specialty shops put those amazingly tailored and trendy items just a bit out of your reach, Now there is a solution to finding just the right items to spruce up your wardrobe and give you the fashion lift you crave… without sending you to the poor house.

Whether you’re looking for casual separates, business attire, high-end designers, Shabbat-appropriate ensembles or bridesmaid and evening wear—and top them off with a fur coat or jacket—Bergen County offers you ...

Kids, Clothes, Crazy

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With the holidays popping up early this year it feels like there is so much to do in so little time. The cleaning, the cooking, the covering surfaces with aluminum foil… does anyone still do that anymore? But most importantly, shopping for the perfect outfits for the kids to wear to shul, to the Seder, at Bubby and Zaidy’s house, and to get together with friends for snacks of macaroons and chocolate covered jelly rings on Yom Tov afternoon!

Have you checked out what’s hot in fashion lately? How about kids’ fashions? The big designers are showing women’s collections which could be described as bold and daring, but when interpreted for girls they are completely fun and adorable...

Spring Is Here: Garden Parties in the Garden State

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Pesach is the harbinger of spring, a time to think about what comes next. Do you have a simcha in the offing? Whether it is an engagement party, anniversary, wedding or any lifecycle celebration that will take place between April and October, think about the great outdoors. The color scheme is nature. And it is all so romantic. Your garden, if properly prepared, is a perfect spot to serve guests and make them feel special.

First you need to start with a healthy and good-looking garden. That takes preparation and dedication, even when you work with a landscaper. Check your property to determine the traffic flow. Do you have shady decks to accommodate the food? Or will guests come through...

A Lesson About Mortgages

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Without a doubt, the single question that I get asked by potential borrowers more than any other is “what’s the rate?” There are many factors that determine a borrower’s rate, and it is important to know what they are when shopping for a mortgage.

Your credit score will play a large part in determining your rate and also in deciding if you qualify for conventional financing or if you need to go down another path. It is not only your score, but also the number of open and active trade lines your report contains. Most lenders want to see at least three open and active trade lines, and they want to see at least a 24-month history for one of the trade lines. Lenders rely heavily on...

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