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Mike Aghachi: Creating a Business the Right Way

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Paramus—What drives you? What motivates you? For some people, that might be a challenging question. However, for Mike Aghachi, owner and founder of LuxQue, a boutique real estate marketing firm, the answer is simple. He wants to give back to those who helped him and his family.

Aghachi, who is Iranian, came to America...

TJE Provides Business Mentorship to Would-Be Entrepreneurs

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The Jewish Entrepreneur (TJE) is an exciting new program for the Jewish business community. TJE provides a full-service, pro-bono mentoring program for Jewish entrepreneurs of all affiliations. Our mentors are recruited from across the business spectrum and are available to help both aspiring, as well as existing, entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

An Interview With Zevy Wolman and Shmuel Schnitzer

Being an entrepreneur or a business owner is an incredible study in contrasts. It requires significant sacrifice yet can yield untold promise. It can be challenging yet can lead to tremendous satisfaction. It can be simultaneously draining and exhilarating, frustrating and thrilling.


American Oleh Turns Matchmaker for Israeli Businesses

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Jeremy Lustman is the unlikeliest of shadchanim.

A 42-year-old resident of Hashmonaim who grew up in Baltimore and has been a practicing lawyer for the last 15 years, Lustman spends a significant amount of time flying around the world meeting eligible prospects. But it isn’t marriage-minded singles that Lustman is hoping to match up with qualified partners; instead, the father of three builds business relationships between Israeli companies and foreign firms.

Lustman had been working in Washington as a corporate lawyer with DLA Piper, one of the largest international law firms in the world, for about six years when the economy took a significant turn for the worse.

“It was...

Up-and-Coming Israeli Companies Look to Do Business in the USA

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Over 50 high-ranking Israeli business executives, including CEOs/CFOs (chief executive officers, chief financial officers), were treated to an eye-opening and informative conference, focusing on the financial, legal and mass media aspects of opening an American subsidiary, which was sponsored by Amcon Marketing at the Israel Export Institute in Tel Aviv.

The executives seeking the sage advice offered by both English- and Hebrew-speaking legal, financial and media experts, some of whom flew to Tel Aviv from the metro New York region, highlighted a wide cross-section of Israel’s business industry, including start-ups, medical-device companies, product manufacturers and wineries.


Elle Bee Puts the Fun Back Into Travel

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Teaneck—Everyone enjoys a vacation from time to time, but for many people, the hassle of actually planning and scheduling the trip can be a deterrent. For Teaneck-raised Lauren Cooper, founder of Elle Bee & Co, the planning and scheduling is a thrill. Having worked in television and film production since college, Cooper often scheduled and booked travel plans for the talent and crew. She always enjoyed it, but did not think of it as anything more than part of the job. Then, when planning her own vacations, Cooper focused on scheduling her vacations “to the minute,” as she referred to it, going so far as to map walking directions between different points to know exactly how...

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