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Ray Evangelista’s Aqua Clean Power Washing Will Extend the Life of Your Home

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It’s said cleanliness is next to godliness, an adage Ray Evangelista of Aqua Clean Power Washing seems to have taken to heart. Certified by the United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners (UAMCC), his company provides a variety of cleaning services, among them removing mold from the roofs of residential housing...

LuMesh Brings Ease to Makeup Color and Application

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Edgewater—Most women have been through the task of trying to find the perfect makeup color. Someone will go to a makeup counter, try on what they think is the perfect hue, only to go home and find the color has turned an unsightly orange or pink after a few minutes on their lips or skin. Lu Meshulam was familiar with this problem, too. She had always been fascinated by makeup, and as a young child loved watching her mother apply makeup. She started out working as a makeup salesperson behind the counter. Even with all the selection these large companies had available, Meshulam still found colors lacking when it came to matching unique skin tones.

Meshulam saw a need in the makeup...

Runway Looks Are Custom Made for the Tznius-Conscious Customer

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Love runway couture but think you can’t get the look to fit your lifestyle? Monsey’s Euro Design Couture (300 Saddle River Road) features red carpet, 7th Avenue New York designer fashions customized to the needs of every consumer, no matter her style, age, body type or standard of tznius. With distinctive selections for mothers, kallahs and teens, there’s something for everyone.

Eidy Moses, the proprietor of Euro Design Couture, has always loved to sew. Growing up in Monsey, NY, Moses has been infatuated with creating and designing since she was 12 years old. “About 15 years ago, I noticed there were very few places that did custom dress design and I knew there was great...

Englewood Bootery: Lisa Katz Knows Shoes, Customers

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Giving children shoes that fit is an art, not a science, says Lisa Katz, owner of Englewood Bootery. Katz knows shoes and makes it her business to know her customers. Comfort is their number one priority.

A good fit starts with establishing a rapport with her customers. “It’s important that parents and children have confidence in us,” Katz says, and she tries to encourage that by approaching every customer with a smile. “The store is warm, bright, and cheerful. We’re happy to see everyone who walks in.” Katz; Melissa Pact, Assistant Manager; and Donna Spence and Denise Kalsky, Sales Associates; give individual attention to all customers, and are especially sensitive...

Frisch Audiology Provides Personal Attention for Hearing Assessment and Correction

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Getting a hearing aid is a very different experience from getting glasses, with more emotional baggage and requiring more fine-tuning over time. Vision correction is also sometimes viewed as less of a stigma than hearing correction. For these and other reasons, people often choose to consult an independent audiologist rather than an ENT (or their own in-house audiologists), in order to receive the personal consideration and time necessary to optimize this sensitive and individualized process.

Recognizing this need, audiologist Ariela Frisch, MA, CCC-A, started her private practice in Teaneck almost two years ago after working in NYC for over 10 years. Frisch Audiology...

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