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Jerusalem Design Innovates Israeli Interior Design

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When purchasing something from afar, whether a mobile phone on Amazon, a printer cartridge on Ebay, or a shirt on Gap, the biggest fear that consumers face is that what they order is not actually what they want. The days between paying for the item and its arrival can be difficult, with the anxiety and anticipation of...

EZ-DAF: Enhanced Tzedakah With Donor-Advised Funds

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Contributing to charity (tzedakah) is fundamental to Jewish life. Most donations are done as cash or checkbook contributions, sometimes in a mad scramble at the end of the year. Infrequently, donors contribute securities; non-financial assets, such as real estate or fine art; or even interests in private companies. Thus tzedakah can take many forms, but one of the best mechanisms for giving is what I call “Enhanced Tzedakah With Donor-Advised Funds,” or my preferred shorthand, the acronym EZ-DAF.

In a donor-advised fund (DAF), the donor makes an irrevocable charitable contribution that is immediately tax-deductible. The fund invests the money in an account, which accrues earnings...

Your Main Asset Is Your Health: Living a Healthy Life, Free From the Diet-Binge Cycle

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I was an accomplished attorney, wife, mother of five children, involved community activist, and PTA president, and seemingly happy in all my roles. On the inside, it was another story entirely.

I felt terrible about myself and ashamed that I could be “so together” in all other areas of my life, but with regard to my weight I was a failure. I was consumed with thoughts that people were judging me for my appearance. I was always dieting, always thinking about food and counting points, calories, and continually obsessing over when and what I could eat. I lost weight on my diets, but gained the weight back each time.

I was tired of being tired.

And I reached a point where I decided I...

Service With a Smile

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HydroChic Has Got You Covered for Swimwear

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Women of all ages, sizes, backgrounds and ethnicities who seek swimwear with more coverage, whether for religious or modesty or other reasons, know the name HydroChic (hydrochic.com). An extremely popular product line, their wide variety of stylish separates with UV protection, designed for sport and swim, recently had their first plus-size photo shoot for featuring product pictures for both their catalog and website as well as for Amazon. “We pride ourselves on fitting and flattering every taste, need and size and shape,” said Sara Wolf, a co-founder of HydroChic. “With this photo shoot, we’re ramping up attention for our plus size line.”

Wolf, along with partner Daniella...

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