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Why Don’t You Understand Your Compensation?

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Indeed, most people don’t understand their compensation. That’s amazing, since after all, compensation is the main purpose for having a job. Don’t misunderstand me: Most people know their salary, but salary is only a part of total compensation. There’s a lot more that you should know about this subject so that when...

Tax Tips: How Many Allowances Should I Take on My W-4?

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Tax season brings about a mix of emotions from the public. You have your happy taxpayers that look forward to this time like a kid about to open a Chanukah present. These are the people that consistently get a nice fat refund from Uncle Sam every year. Never mind that what you are actually receiving is your own money that you lent the government interest-free.

Every year around this time their life turns into an episode of Deal or No Deal. These people are just waiting for Howie Mandel to hand them the briefcase. They don’t know what’s in it until the tax accountant opens it up, but they know there is a number inside that briefcase, and it makes tax season very exciting for them...

Women’s-Only Yoga Studio Opens in West Orange

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West Orange—The opening of Keter Yoga marks the beginning of a new era for the Jewish women of West Orange. Keter Yoga is a women’s-only yoga studio offering semi-private and private classes for the community. The studio can accommodate up to 10 or 12 women in the semi-private classes. Yoga classes include breath work (pranayama), poses (asana), and meditation. There are beginner and intermediate classes available daily from Sundays through Thursday nights. Yoga is for everyone, regardless of age or physical condition. All can participate and benefit. Self-acceptance and love is stressed throughout through the principle of ahimsa (non-harming). At the end of a class, participants...

Creative Cuisine Defines Black Tie Events

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Growing up in Israel, Ilan Amoltov would stand in the family kitchen, watching his mother prepare classic Persian dishes, and fell in love with cooking. As the co-chef/owner of Black Tie Events, he improvised and combined the spices and flavors of his mother’s home cooking with the refined techniques he learned working as a chef at a French restaurant in England. His co-chef/owner, Tiran Nahari has developed his own Mediterranean fusion style and some amazing signature dishes. “People tell us our food is more flavorful,” Nahari says. “Different and delicious.”

While Black Tie specializes in Persian and Mediterranean dishes, they can prepare any pareve, milchig or...

O’Neill Contracting: Providing Free Energy Efficiency Audits to the Bergen County Community

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Bergenfield—Is your house so drafty you could invite friends over for windsurfing? Did you ever think to yourself, especially during a cold winter like this one, that your heating system seems to be running all the time? Perhaps you’ve thought to yourself that it should be more efficient, or that your insulation should be keeping the heat in the rooms a bit better.

While he doesn’t give windsurfing lessons, O’Neill Contracting’s general manager, Chris Ferrara, knows a lot about heating systems. Ferrara, who has been in the HVAC business for almost a quarter century, said that Brian O’Neill, a Bergenfield resident, is the sole proprietor of the business, which has 35 employees...

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