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Proportional Perspectives on Work and Retirement

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For all the window dressing the financial-service industry can add to the process, it is possible to distill the essential issues in retirement planning to two, expressed as a ratio of working years to retirement years. This ratio does not produce an exact number for retirement, but it gives you a sense of the task at hand...


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Motzei Shabbat January 24th

Wine Making/ Grape Growing during Shmittah  Congregation Shomrei Emunah  89 Huguenot Avenue Englewood

Hillel Manne from the Beit El Winery will speak

Sunday, January 25th

Navigating Parenthood – The World’s Hardest Job   8:00PM  Series of six lectures given by Rabbi Avrohom Bergstein

Anshei Lubavitch 10-10 Plaza Rd Fairlawn

Tuesday, January 27th

Lamdeinu Spring Semester  Begins

Congregation Beth Aaron 950 Queen Anne Teaneck

Registration necessary at lamdeinu.org

Talmud: Berakhot Chapter 4

Rabbi Daniel Friedman teaches “Talmud, Berakhot” 10:15AM (women only) This class is an introductory Talmud class for students with Hebrew text...

Zadies Bake Shop: A Bergen County Treat

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Fair Lawn—It’s a family affair. “I grew up in bakeries. It’s what I know,” says Adam Steinberg. Adam is one of the four co-owners of Zadies Bake Shop along with his father Larry, brother Josh, and cousin Eric. The Zadie in the title, by the way, refers to Adam’s Zadie. So saying Zadies is a family affair is most accurate.

Adam is a fourth generation Steinberg in the bakery business. However, unlike his brother Josh, who attended culinary school and showed an interest in the bakery business from a young age, Adam had other plans. After attending Ohio State University, Adam’s intention was to be a World History teacher. However, as he says, “Hashem had another...

Three-Legged Retirement Stool Has One Missing, One Shaky Leg

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A generation ago, a typical retirement discussion usually included a reference to, or illustration of, the “Three-Legged Stool.” This was an analogy to describe the three most common sources of retirement income: pensions, personal savings, and Social Security.

While many from the previous generation enjoyed a stable retirement from the three-legged stool model, changing circumstances are rocking each of these retirement sources. As Mary Beth Franklin puts it in Investor News, the three-legged stool looks “more like a pogo stick for many Americans.”

Sometimes the best way to explain the details is with pictures. Here are two charts that, along with short explanations...

Basics for Beneficiaries

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One of the necessary tasks after the passing of a family member is settling the decedent’s financial affairs. Some of these tasks are mundane, such as closing accounts, or stopping cable service. Some are mandatory, like reporting the death to the Social Security administration or preparing a final tax return. And besides these clean-up items, there is also the proper transfer of assets to beneficiaries.

Filing a beneficiary claim on a life insurance policy, annuity contract, or retirement account is an important financial transaction that requires exact documentation. While it’s not something most people want to handle in the days and weeks after a loved one passes away, the legal...

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