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Highlights of CES 2015

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The largest and most covered trade show, CES (Consumer Electronics Show) took place last week, and offered way too many cool gadgets to fit into a single column, so we’ll look at some that might make you say Really? Or WOW! CES is inspiring when new items and companies start releasing new items. It gives the global...

Ransomware Crypto Files

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If I would get  $1 for every client who asks me. “How could I get a virus? I have (Insert your Anti-Virus program here).” I would be a rich man.

In the past issues, I have written about anti-virus protection and the latest threats. Removing a virus properly can take hours for the scanning alone. Most browsers will be hijacked and will need manual removal of the viruses. If you have a business network a laptop can infect your network or server. This is not a far off chance. This is very common.

Needless to say, sites that stream illegal content are full of viruses. What makes it frustrating is a user will download a program in error. Buried in the program is malware that will...


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I am often asked which streaming device I would recommend.

If you’re looking to buy a streaming device, it’s likely you’ll end up choosing between these products: Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire, though I recently found that from Windows 8.1 and most Smart devices one can stream direct to your Smart TV.

Here is something that most new Windows PCs can do via Windows 8. Most TVs in homes are “Smart” TVs. Samsung TV, for example, has Smart link software that can be downloaded to PCs and Smartphones. Once you become accustomed to viewing via Media Player or on your Smartphone, viewing on your Smart TV will soon be another option.

Streaming units have crossed over as...

Moms Use IT and Web to Follow a Dream

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Two weeks ago, I wrote about building websites. Years ago, having an idea and concept took considerable investment, staff and resources. Today, having an idea out of your kitchen or home office can become a reality.

That’s the case of theshabbatcollection.com, Rachel Rubin and her partner, Cristiana Camisotti are based out of Israel. With the assistance of a great website, Skype, a talented programmer and IT, Shabbat Collection went from the home office/ kitchen to the Internet. Have you ever been away at a hotel and had to pack a Kiddush cup, candles, matches, siddur and the like to celebrate Shabbat?

The kits comes with Shabbat candle holders, Kiddush wine flask, Kiddush cup, mini...

Israeli-Developed TalkITT Gives New Voice to People With Speech Impairments

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A little boy with autism says “I love you”–and you understand it. Your grandfather is able to say “congratulations” when you graduate–despite the recent stroke he suffered that impaired his speech. That future is almost the present thanks to new Israeli-developed technology that can extract spoken words from the sounds of people with speech disabilities.

Danny Weissberg in 2012 co-founded VoiceITT, maker of the TalkITT software, shortly after his grandmother had a stroke. He describes her as “the center of our family” and says it was “painful” to know she wanted to talk, but was being prevented from communicating.

Weissberg, who has degrees in civil engineering and...

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