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Meet Clink! a Tzedakah App for Teens

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Jewish Communal Fund (JCF), the leading Jewish donor advised fund in the United States, has announced the debut of Clink! Making Change by Giving, a new app to help teens and tweens discover their very own giving style. Clink! is the perfect app to download this Chanukah as part of an effort to encourage teens and tweens to...

CIRM & Israel Collaborate to Advance Stem Cell Research

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San Francisco–California’s stem cell agency, the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) has reached a cooperation agreement with Israel’s Center for R&D (MATIMOP) to help advance stem cell research and regenerative medicine. The agreement, signed in California on December 5, lays the foundation for potential Californian-Israeli stem cell research programs, making it easier for researchers to obtain joint funding for their work.

“Israel has long had a robust stem cell research community,” says Jonathan Thomas, PhD, JD, Chair of the stem cell agency’s Governing Board. “Through this newly announced collaboration, we hope to generate partnerships between Israeli...

UnGarbled-Tech Migrating off AOL / ISP emails to Gmail Vol 23

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Please excuse me if this article is insulting to our old friend AOL. It wasn’t too long ago when all of us were staying online all night long trying to get those beloved access numbers over the POTS line (Plain Old Telephone System). But after years of paying $25 a month for AOL pre- broadband, AOL has kind of let its product go. Over Pesach I had my AOL account hacked on the corporate side; got a letter from the CEO to prove it.

After receiving about 10 texts, cell calls and emails from upset clients stating that I had sent a virus via my AOL email address, I responded that I use Gmail to answer all my email. I haven’t used the AOL address in about 10 years. What occurred was that...

Shabbos App – No Joke, and the Rabbis Are Not Laughing

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Texting on Shabbos!

Rabbis have been arguing, writing, blogging, and preaching from the pulpit on this topic since the Shabbos App was first announced.

According to the developers, YidTec, Inc., which is really a division of The Company Corporation, incorporated in Delaware on October 6, the technical changes they’ve made make this App compatible with Smartphones in such a way that it would not violate the finer points of the law. Another claim they make is that since kids are texting anyway on Shabbos, use of this App will make it halachic.

They argue that the phone must be held upside down, a different manner than it would be held during the weekdays; a different keyboard is...

Building a Website: Part 2

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Just as a caveat, a two-week column may not suffice to address every angle of building a website or the costs involved. Feel free to email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with any questions you might have.

At the Garb Consulting Group we made the move to merge with a larger web development company named Pattern Fusion a couple of years ago. After referring projects out to others we have some lessons learned. There are many incredible web development shops locally or overseas. A simple website can also be done on your own for a low cost. Just make sure you know what you are getting into before you spend a lot of money.

Last week I spoke about obtaining a domain, hosting and hiring a web designer...

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