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New Israeli App Makes Boarding a Bus As Easy As Hitting “Pay”

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JERUSALEM–For those who are familiar with Israel, there exists a strange discrepancy in the culture of the Jewish State. Israel, with a population of approximately 7.6 million, is the “StartUp Nation”–there are about 4800 of these fledgling companies in Israel, and venture capital, essential for starting a company...

Building a Website

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A single column may not suffice to address every angle of building a website or its cost. At the Garb Consulting Group we made the move to merge with a larger web development company named Pattern Fusion a couple of years ago. After referring projects out to others we have learned a few lessons. While there are many incredible local and overseas web-development shops, you can build a simple website for yourself at low cost.

The clients who get into trouble are those who didn’t anticipate the cost or the time needed to manage a web project. Be sure you can dedicate the time that is needed to maintain your own site.

Most of the items described below are generally done by your web...

How to Grow Ample Food As Water, Farmland Dwindle

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Why did the giant Chinese conglomerate Shenyang Yuanda Enterprise Group purchase the little Israeli agri-tech startup AutoAgronom for $20 million? Two words: food security.

This is one of the most pressing issues in the world as population spikes upward alongside a reduction in usable farmland and available water. Commercial farmers everywhere, including the world’s most populous country, are seeking ways to grow more food crops with fewer resources and waste.

AutoAgronom seeks to fill this need by taking Israeli drip-irrigation to the next level. Its Root Sense technology uses sensors to examine a variety of soil and weather conditions around the roots. After analyzing that data...

What to Do with DVDs and Video Tapes

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In past UnGarbled-Tech columns I wrote about the end of the DVD/VCR rentals era. This week I saw a reporter’s piece about a Blockbuster DVD that had been rented but not returned since 1997. The bill was over $12,000. The reporter then went on a search to try to find a Blockbuster to return the video. After a couple of calls he found out that Blockbuster had closed and that there was only one store left in Manhattan that rents videos.

As I read this story it dawned on me that I no longer own a VCR myself. I don’t have a standalone DVD player either. So what can be done with all of the VCR tapes and DVDs of our weddings, family events, or other videos that can’t be downloaded? How...

Amazon Pantry the New Milk Man?

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I have a great memory of getting milk delivered to our home and pizza delivery from Pizza Crave Saturday night was not something to sneeze at. You make a phone call and one hour later the nicest delivery man with a perpetual smile delivers yummy pizza to your doorstep.

I am a big fan of Amazon and Amazon Prime for many reasons, especially the ease of returns. If you aren’t aware of Prime, for a yearly fee Amazon will ship for free any item that says ‘Prime.’ Recently Amazon offered slower delivery for a $1 Audio book credit. Amazon Prime will support the product and in some cases Amazon will cover a return even if the vendor doesn’t. Being a Prime member also allows one to order...

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