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5G Mobile Networks Will Support an Internet That’s So Good You Can Feel It

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With the roll-out of 4G mobile internet not even yet complete, it might seem early to consider starting work on the design of the next, fifth generation (5G) mobile networks. The truth is that telecoms systems are so complex in design and so slow to deploy that it could be 10 years between conception and end users being able...

A T-shirt That Monitors Your Heart

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A novel electrocardiogram device built into a shirt could cut precious time off confirming a cardiac event needing immediate intervention. The first product in the hWear line of smart-digital garments by Israel’s HealthWatch Technologies created a buzz at the recent annual meeting of the American Telemedicine Association and is expected to be marketed as an FDA Class II medical device by the end of 2014.

The fully washable hWear shirt is interwoven with a mixture of high-tech nylon threads and conducting fibers placed in the same locations where the 12-15 leads of an ECG machine would be attached to the body, explains Dr. Dov Rubin, vice president for marketing and business...

PDF Files: How to Fill Them, Sign Them and Print Them

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Users today open or save documents in some format or another. The most popular I would say is Adobe PDF. The easiest way to describe a PDF is to call it a portable document file. It takes a “photo” (but not really) of your document from any word processing program, that you print out from your printer dropdown menu (see next paragraph). If it is being read in Adobe Reader, and not Adobe Acrobat (an expensive program) it cannot be altered. Many scanning programs now automatically save documents as.pdfs because they cannot be changed, especially if they have a security code attached.

In addition to Adobe programs, which are the best, there are also free programs, like Cute PDF and...

Bio-Metric for the Small Business

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Some of the most thrilling things about technology is that as the demand rises, for expensive items, prices can drop in as with Bio-Metric units. I remember when DVD Drives came out and they were going for $200 a drive. Most new PCs DVD Roms are by request only and the price is $20.

Some of my columns will speak to the end user this week I would like to expose you to the world of Bio-Metric for home use this might not apply. Nevertheless the options could be used in many different types of establishments.

Bio-Metric unit’s most popular usage is Fingerprint and Facial Recognition. These units are being used as a security device and for time and Attendance. Some Bio-Metric...

Un-Garbled-Tech Uber Drive

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What is amazing about the App Smartphone world is that just when you think there can’t be any more apps that can take a simple concept and make it better, companies like Uber drive will change your mind.

I am firm believer that technology can also help people who may need to make a livelihood.

A friend of mine who was in-between jobs asked if I have ever used Uber. I thought this was a conference bridge product or German for something amazing.

In my former life I was an owner of a Waiters Temp agency that I started when I was 16 and sold at 26. Running the business with pagers was a big challenge, especially when people were late. Getting a number with a -911 or -411 was the most...

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