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Protect your Passwords

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Passwords are some­thing people should take seriously. People be­come complacent and figure “who wants my password? Hackers use a method called Phishing. The hacker will hunt through browsers and your computer looking for passwords, as well as smartphones. Today’s average computer/Smartphone user’s routine is a series...

Tracking My Lost Keys/IPad

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Almost every home has an iPad or Goog­le Tablet. That is pretty amazing. These devices have changed our lives forever. Whether it’s for school, work or recreation, a tablet device is a necessity these days.

Recently, while riding in an elevator, I was holding my iPad. An elderly woman, who no­ticed asked me if that was an iPad. And then she said, “I just got one. My grandchildren play with it all the time.” She went on to say that her PC was over 10 years old but she had now ac­quired both an iPhone and an iPad.


My iPad is mainly used for meetings or trips—a must these days. But to deny that my children are not on it most of the time would be a lie.

I was...

Voicemail Management

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Today, with all of the amazing features peo­ple have on their Smart phones and for texting, voicemail management still remains a mystery. Many voicemails people receive may be for an order or confirmation of a project, or to re­mind you not to forget to pick up milk on the way home.

I have no definitive confirmation that Google Voice will be going away, but rumors are that Google Voice will be integrated to Google Hangout, wherein users will be able to make and receive calls. Though I am a Google fan, I am not that thrilled to use Hangout. I ac­tually haven’t used it but once, and that was just to test it.

One will go to Google and get a Google Voice number. Once activated, one can...

Wired vs. Wireless Networks

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Six years ago, homes were not dependent on WiFi access. Homes that used to have one PC and maybe a printer now have WiFi TVs, tablets, phones, a number of PCs and multiple printers. Even cell phone carriers suggest you use WiFi to save on the data charges.

A common complaint IT professionals re­ceive is, “My room right next to the router has low coverage but the room above the router has perfect coverage.” A strange phenomenon is when some users pick up a better signal from their neighbor’s router than their own.

Since WiFi works with line of sight, it’s very possible that your neighbor’s WiFi has a better reception in certain areas than your own router. I check my WiFi...

Going Paperless

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Everyone must have that filing cabinet or drawer overflowing with papers, bills and receipts. If you are lucky enough to have a wife who is super organized and a QuickBooks expert you are as blessed as I am. My wife will pay the household bills then put all the papers in a bin. At some point in the month we will scan all of the documents into the computer.

Why do you need to save your PSEG bill from 2001? Is it a bit of hoarding or do you truly need your Great Adventure receipt from 2005?

As per Chaim Stadtmauer Esq. E-Discovery expert: “Every profession has a time limit on how long one has to save documents.” One should be careful to make sure they are saving those documents for...

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