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SOS Apps Go Viral in Israel Under Siege

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Israel21c—Over the past few weeks, Israelis have been shocked at the kidnappings and murders of three Jewish and one Arab youths, and the resumption of shelling from Gaza. But reactions aren’t limited to fear, sadness, and anger. In typical Israeli fashion, people are thinking out of the box to help prevent future...

Israeli Dad Creates “Facebook for Kids”

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Itay Eshet’s 10-year-old said she want­ed a Facebook account. Nothing doing, said Dad. But everyone’s using it, the little girl com­plained.

At that point, some parents would have caved in and others would have ignored the whining. Eshet did neither. He agreed that chil­dren under 13—the official minimum age for Facebook—need a safe social network of their own, and he created one. In Israel, it’s called Ni­pagesh (Let’s Meet) and elsewhere it will be Ne­toKids.

Children sign up through their schools. So far, about 150 Israeli schools have registered to use the program for free, with the cooperation of the Ministry of Education.

“Since at that age kids’ lives are...

Wearable Internet

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This week Google held its Google IO confer­ence. The keynote speaker went on for over two hours. Anyone who knows me knows I can only sit for about a half hour before my ADD kicks in.

Though I wasn’t able to attend— the price tag for admission, if you could get in, was $1000—there was a large amount of coverage. Google’s smart­watch platform made its on-stage de­but with the company calling it a “new phase in miniaturization of technology.” Google released its new operating sys­tem in competition with Apple IOS 8. Those lucky enough to be at Google IO will receive either a watch or, eventually, Motorola’s smartwatch, the Moto 360. Now it will be possible to make a...

A Two-Inch Computer for $55

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The 2x2x2-inch CuBox-i is the smallest computer in the world. It sells for just $55 and is made in Israel by SolidRun, a 10-person com­pany cofounded by two Arab-Israeli electrical engineers with a background in the high-tech industry.

CuBox-i is the newest model from Solid­Run, which launched its first CuBox low-pow­er, miniature micro-PC and media center at the end of 2011, just a year after going into busi­ness. The tiny, yet powerful computer is not de­signed for tasks like word processing or photo manipulation. It’s mainly meant for the Internet of Things (IoT), among other uses.

Weighing only about three ounces (91 grams) with a built-in operating system and WiFi, CuBox...

Resetting the Net

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When you go online, you are likely to en­counter the Reset the Net campaign. Exactly one year after the first revelations from Edward Snowden about NSA spying, the campaign is designed to mobilize organizations and indi­viduals to resist government mass surveillance. The organizations involved, including the Elec­tronic Frontier Foundation, Google, and Reddit, want us all to take part in a “Thunderclap”—a boom intended to resonate through social me­dia platforms, promoting an anti-surveillance message. We’re also being offered The Privacy Pack—a selection of software and tips tailored to common computers, phones and tablets that, thankfully, “literally anyone can use.”...

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