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“Tikkun Olam Make-a-Thon”

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Nazareth—Some 70 talented innovators in their 20s and 30s from around the world will run a very different kind of marathon in Israel, as they compete to invent prototypes of tools for people with disabilities using cutting-edge digital and 3D-printing technology.

The “Tikkun Olam Make-a-thon (TOM),” fea­turing the...

Outgrowing Our Email?

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Email today is the lifeline to communication. Some companies and non-profit organizations would rather lose electrical power than lose their ability to deal with e-mail.

When you start a business or organization, you will need to determine what kind of e-mail system best suits your needs. How many users will you have? Can more than one person view the emails at the same time? Can contacts be shared easily? Will e-mail be answered from Outlook, online or both?

Creating a free G-mail account is an option. The challenge is that only one mailbox can be answered at one time. Document sharing is more challenging and if there is more than one person at the company, how will the other staffers...

UnGarbled: BatterySavingTips

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A complaint that I get from clients is, “My laptop is only two years old and the battery is dying after less than an hour.”

Something to note: Pay attention not to how long the battery life is stated, but the time it will last when unplugged, meaning that if your computer is rated as having a three-hour battery life, the time starts when you unplug it. When you turn on your laptop, it is still under those three hours. Thus, if extended battery life is a concern, when buying a PC I would spend the money on a system with a longer battery life.

Use your laptop like a cell phone. Charge the laptop till it’s at 100% then UN­PLUG it! Use the laptop till the warning light says it is...

CommonSensor: Offering Plants a Drink

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Israel is not exclusively a phenomenon of youth culture. Consider the 79-year-old farmer Moshe Tzori, founder of CommonSensor, a wa­tering sensor company based in Lachish.

Born in 1935, Tzori studied farming like the pioneer Zionists before him. His alma mater, the Kaduri School in the Lower Galilee, is the same field school that educated Israel’s late prime minister Yitzhak Rabin.

“My age can give hope to people who want to start startups,” he tells ISRAEL21c.

Familiar with cloud technology and wireless capabilities, Tzori used his practi­cal experience to create a technology that senses the thirst of all kinds of fruit trees and vegetables that a farmer might grow. His...

A Special Needs iPad

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A new Israeli app for iPad and iPhone is revolutionizing communication between special-needs children and their families. De­veloped by Ofir Harel in January 2012, and pi­loted in Hebrew in October 2013, Ola Mun­do Messenger was released in English in the United States on April 2 to coincide with World Autism Awareness Day.

Harel calls his creation a “by-parents-for-parents” initiative, aimed at expanding the ability of people with autism, Down syn­drome, apraxia, and other conditions fre­quently accompanied by a lack of communi­cation capability.

Though the field of alternative and aug­mentative communication (AAC) has been recognized and implemented since the 1950s...

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