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Moshava’s Eidah Aleph Fills Buckets

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Eidah Aleph enjoyed a very informative and fun book, Have You Filled a Bucket Today?, that encourages positive behavior and the rewarding practice of daily kindness and appreciation. After they read the book, children filled buckets to understand how their actions help them achieve happiness—by spreading it to other...

Moshava Ba’Ir Bogrim Take a Hike

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Last week, the Bogrim at Moshava Ba’ir enjoyed a scenic hike around a beautiful lake in Mahwah.

Moshava Ba’Ir Eidah Bet Explores Liberty Science Center

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Eidah Bet loved being scientists last week exploring the Liberty Science Center. Campers visited Eat and be Eaten, where they saw live animals and learned their tricks for catching their food; Energy Quest, where they learned all about electricity and energy resources; and Infection Connection, where they learned all about our bodies and how to keep healthy. The children’s favorite exhibitions were Infinity Climber, Touch Tunnel and Wildlife Challenge, where they got to climb, crawl and touch, discovering new things!

Camp Mesorah Celebrates Hachnasat Sefer Torah

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Last Sunday, Camp Mesorah staff, campers and guests shared an unforgettable experience. The Katz Family hosted a Hachnasat Sefer Torah in camp, dedicating a new Torah scroll written in memory of Ari Katz’s grandparents, Rav Pesach Chaim and Kehla Katz z’l.

The sofer traveled to Camp Mesorah from Brooklyn, New York early Sunday morning. After he set up his work table in the boys’ campus shul with his ink and quill, it was time to finish the final letters of the new Torah. Various members of the Katz family, as well as their friends, were able to assist the sofer in scribing a letter. At the completion of the writing of the sefer Torah, all campers, counselors, staff, and...

Moshava Ba’ir Eidot Enjoy Variety of Trips

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Moshava Ba’ir trips this week included outings to Van Saun Zoo, Bowcraft Amusement Park, Rye Playland and tubing at Lake Hopatcong. All our campers had a great time on their trips, in addition to all the regularly-scheduled camp fun!

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