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Great Israeli Road Trips: Tel Aviv to Haifa

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The drive from Tel Aviv to Haifa is an easy one-and-a-half hour trip of 95 kilometers (58.79 miles), but for those with the time and inclination, this busy route which sometimes passes directly by the beautiful Mediterranean sea, can also make a fabulous road trip of a day or even more. All along the route there are...

A Memorable Italian Holiday

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For a long time I’ve been fascinated by all things Italian. I finally had the chance to experience the real deal having just returned from a memorable and whirlwind vacation touring Florence, Venice and Rome. Being a fan of old movies, one of my favorites is Roman Holiday with the beautiful Audrey Hepburn who played the role of an unhappy princess who just wants to be an ordinary citizen for a while. Gregory Peck is a journalist who learns of her identity. The historical sights and sounds of Rome are the backdrop. Predictably, somewhere along the way Audrey and Gregory fall in love but can’t stay together because after all she is royalty. On the other hand, my husband is an...

Panicking About Your Airline Miles and Credit Card Points? You are Not Alone

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“Is it true that you can no longer use British Airways miles to book tickets on American Airlines? “Will I qualify for an American Express bonus offer, if I had the card two years ago?” “Can I still use my Chase points to book a ticket to LA for my nephew?”

It seems like every day brings with it another negative change to the airline and credit card rewards industry and we are often asked whether its time to panic, get rid of all one’s miles and points and find another hobby to pursue.

Before we answer this question and provide direction on the future of the reward’s industry, its important to recap the past twelve months, and using this information, we can paint a picture...

Camping in the National Parks, Kosher-Style

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An Interview with Yehudah Nosenchuk of Chuckie’s Kosher Adventure Tours

Yehudah and Minnie Nosenchuk run organized camping trips to nature destinations throughout the country. Here, a Q&A with every question you might ask before taking a trip with them.

How did you get started?

My wife has been camping with her family ever since she was a child. When we met, she spoke a lot about her travel experiences. The closest thing to camping that I had ever experienced was summer camp in the mountains of Pennsylvania and that was not something I was interested in as an adult. We were only married a short while when we joined her family on a camping trip to Yellowstone and Grand Teton...

Vacationing in Montreal

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The summer is upon us and families are considering different options of fun and easy destinations to visit. In my mind, Montreal is a no brainer of a great place to visit, with opportunities for everyone in the family to have a good time.

Montreal is six hours away by car for a couple alone but with children in the car I think that one would have to consider more stops along the way. For sure seven to seven and a half hours should do it. Of course there is always flying. It is a one-hour flight but the hassle nowadays of airports and security make it so much more comfortable to drive. Everything and anything can be thrown into the car and you are off.

Cities passed on the way that...

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