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Kosherica Announces Its Most Luxurious Winter and Passover Vacations To Date

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15% Off for Atlantis Yeshiva Break Bookings (expires December 5).

Hotels in Bahamas, Miami, Palm Beach, and Whistler

Cruises to the Western Caribbean for Chanukah and the Eastern Caribbean for a Jewish Music Festival at Sea

Kosherica, the Glatt Kosher travel and leisure giant, is famous for its extraordinary attention to...

Buying Gift Cards to Gain Miles

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I like Bigcrumbs.com, the shopping site, a lot. That’s where you can earn cash back.

For online shopping–and this includes travel vendors such as Expedia (to 4.7%) and Cheapoair– you get $15 off per ticket. You can also purchase American Express Gift Cards and Business Gift Cards, which are mailed to you, and the Crumbs cashback (1.5%) you receive covers the shipping fees. You can purchase the gift cards using your credit card, earning flyer miles.

Online banking services, such as American Express’s Bluebird (BB) and Serve, will allow you to load these Gift Cards into your account, but you must go to a Walmart store to do that. Once loaded, you can write checks, withdraw cash...

Trekking Through New Zealand

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I saw and experienced some amazing things on my recent trip to New Zealand. I saw a huge, snowcapped volcano and a boiling lake and river. I walked on a trail along a beach, trapped between cliffs and the ocean, hiked up a mountain through heavy wind, sleet, and rain. Still, what stands head and shoulders above the all of the incredible experiences I had was the Queen Charlotte Track.

After arriving in Wellington, New Zealand’s capital city, we took a three-hour ferry trip across the ocean gap between the North and South Islands to Picton, a small town at the top of the South Island. From there, I began my adventure.  

What follows is an excerpt from the journal I kept in...

Keeping Kosher in New Zealand

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I can’t go to New Zealand, you might think. How could I travel there while still keeping kosher? Well, this summer I traveled through New Zealand for over a month and successfully kept kosher. It’s not as easy as it is in America or Israel, but, as I found out when hiking over beautiful mountains in the Queen Charlotte Sound, soaking in natural hot pools in Rotorua, and kayaking through gorgeous Lake Taupo, it’s certainly worth the extra effort.

It’s true that there are no kosher restaurants in New Zealand. However, there are two kosher food establishments that you can use to stock up on kosher food.

The first store is Greys Ave Deli, in Auckland, New Zealand’s...

Family Things to Do on Chol HaMoed

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Family Things to Do on Chol HaMoed

By Larry Bernstein

It’s October 12, 2014, the fourth day of Sukkot and the second day of Chol Hamoed.

There are four days till another Yom Tov and the children are off from school. Let me speculate on what’s going through your mind.

We have plenty of opportunity for some family time. This is a chance to get back to the way we felt on vacation. We can relax and enjoy each other’s company without feeling rushed. What should we do?

Or, how am I going to entertain my children for four straight days? You know they aren’t happy to be at home, and there are only so many playdates I can make. What should we do?

Whichever example fits your way of...

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