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Things to Consider When Buying a ‘Green’ Home

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With terms like “sustainability” and “eco-conscious” becoming buzzwords, it might seem like everyone is “going green.” If you’re a potential first-time home buyer who cares about the environment, you might be wondering how to tell if the homes you’re considering are eco-friendly.

While many houses are...

How to Sell a Home...and Fast!

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The time has come for me to let homeowners in on a little secret. The secret is a group of tips that will help you sell your home faster. If you are a homeowner, interested in listing your home, first of all, give me a call, and second of all, here are a few hidden tips on how to do so in the right way. No more worrying—you have come to right place!

So you want to sell your home, right? Let’s start with paying attention to the buyer’s market. As a seller, it is vital that you attract a market of buyers—but this is not just any market of buyers. You need to target the buyers who are looking for specifics that fit your home. If you have a three-bedroom home, then someone looking...

You Are Not A-Loan

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I was recently approached by a friend “in the business” who asked me why I share my knowledge so freely - and if I was worried that “my competitors” would copy my ideas and content. I told him that it was definitely a concern of mine for a while which prevented me from participating in many unique marketing experiences and opportunities, but I have changed my attitude about it. At the same time, it is true that the articles and advertising that we do for Approved Funding are all closely watched and mimicked by rivals – so I did want to take the time out to give them a special shout-out for being such loyal and committed readers and spectators - thank you!

At the same time, part...

Checking Out the Condo

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Buying a condominium (condo) is a bit different than buying a home. When you own a home you are accountable to yourself (and maybe a neighbor or two), but when you own a condo you’re sharing living space and financial responsibilities with other owners. There is also a homeowners association that regulates activities and decisions for the building and owners.

From a mortgage perspective, both a condo and a home require an appraisal, but a condo building in and of itself must be approved for financing by the lender and is subject to specific guidelines. Owners of both homes and condos pay real estate taxes, but a condo owner pays monthly maintenance as well (may be referred to as...

The Secrets to Selling a Home for Over Asking Price

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No one puts their house up for sale hoping for an average offer. You want a good offer. A great offer, even. Dare we say it? You want an all-out, claws-bared bidding war that will push your home’s price well over what you’ve asked for in your listing.

It’s a dream for any home seller. And if you want to sell a home for over asking, it doesn’t necessarily boil down to luck, timing, or even location, location, location. As proof, read these true-life tales of how Realtors® helped home sellers wheel and deal their way to profits well above their expectations, and learn how you can (hopefully) do the same.

Aim low in order to go high

“The most fruitful strategy I’ve seen is...

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