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The Quadra Offers a Luxury Living Experience

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The Quadra overlooks Mesilla Park, a charming landscaped park that sits alongside the original route of the railroad track to Jerusalem. It is situated on Makor Haim Street, a five-minute walk from Emek Refaim Street, and offers close proximity to schools, cafes, restaurants, synagogues and the thriving neighborhood of...

The Same, Except Totally Different

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I think competition is great! Merriam-Webster defines competition in business as “the effort of two or more parties acting independently to secure the business of a third party by offering the most favorable terms”. In business, competition is the battle among related providers “trying to achieve similar goals such as increasing profits, market share, and sales volume”, by varying their offering of price, product, distribution, and promotion. When true competition exists in the marketplace, ultimately, the consumer is the direct beneficiary.

In the mortgage business, competition is rampant like never before. From mega Super Bowl ads, to online & social profile-marketing, to...

The Importance of Understanding People

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Real estate is a “people person” business. On a daily basis, brokers come in contact with buyers, sellers, other brokers, potential clients, and the list goes on. However, every interaction is different. Everyone’s agenda is different. Truly understanding what the person on the other end of a conversation wants and needs is what differentiates you from anyone else. As of 2015, it was recorded that there were 27,000 agents in New York City. That’s a lot of agents! At the end of last year, there were 12,598 contracts signed. That means that many agents did not close deals. Now, there can be several reasons as to why those numbers did not equate; however, one of the most important...

Considering Downsizing Your Living Space?

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What options for downsizing are available within the Bergen County area?

There are quite a few! One option is Fort Lee, which is minutes from the George Washington Bridge and Manhattan, and a short ride on Route 4 East from Bergenfield and Teaneck. Co-op apartments, such as those in the Century Tower and the Colony, offer smaller homes within walking distance of the Young Israel shul on Parker Avenue. The Fort Lee community is also home to a Sephardic Orthodox congregation on Center Avenue, which is near Main Street and the business district. The Abbott Street Chabad House near Palisades Avenue at the southern end of Fort Lee is another option.

The co-op buildings of the Century...

What Moves You?!

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Apparently May is “National Moving Month,” as it is the busiest time of year for relocation. It’s astonishing to think that on average, a person will move at least 13 times during their lifetime. Each move comes with different triggers and considerations, often the result of many moving parts.

When it comes to buying or selling real estate, knowing who your potential buyer or seller is and the purpose of their move can help you tailor your negotiations and considerations to emphasize the things that matter most to them. Home Sellers and Home Buyers alike can use information of this nature to their benefit to determine the most favorable times to buy or sell and to maximize their...

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