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Baka: Evolution and Revolution

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Baka is an upscale, family-oriented community located in southern Jerusalem, which has come a long way since its humble beginnings.

Centrally located between the German Colony to the north and Talpiot to the south, the name Baka is Arabic for “valley,” which alludes to Emek Refaim—or Valley of Refaim—that...

The Four Questions

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Spring is finally in the air. According to many forecasts, this spring’s real estate market should be the best we have seen in more than a decade. The economy is progressing, and results from a recent Mortgage Bankers Association survey show that loan applications are on the rise. The combinations of low mortgage rates coupled with improved home prices are leading to a lot of refinance opportunities for motivated applicants.

I have previously discussed the different types of available refinance programs, and many of the valuable benefits that updated home financing can have on the overall monetary position of an individual. Specific to this topic however, we are discussing refinancing...

Social Media Changes the Game

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Manhattan real estate is among the most desirable in the world. It is the Big Apple, the center of the finance world, the fashion world and so much more. As the song goes, “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere!” As a result, people come from all over to live in the Big Apple. To find that perfect apartment to buy, rent or sell, you need a licensed real estate broker who understands the Manhattan market, knows its different neighborhoods and has the most up-to-date real-time information regarding apartment inventory and comparative pricing. To find you the best property, the broker needs to know you, who you are and what your needs are, whether personal, professional...

Is Your Home Equity A Ticking Time Bomb?!

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A decade ago, when home values were soaring and real estate was booming, many homeowners took advantage by taking cash out from the equity in their home. Typically, the loan was structured as a Home Equity Line of Credit (aka “HELOC”), which functions very much like a typical consumer credit card. Specifically, a homeowner will pay minimum payments on only the portion that is being borrowed, and would not necessarily be obligated to pay any loan-principal back. Furthermore, the rates on these HELOC’s were extremely favorable, often with very low teaser rates, and the payment was low due to the interest-only features.

The Freebies

In fact, many banks ‘threw in’ a free HELOC to...

Evaluating the 2016 Real Estate Market

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Q. I’m not sure when I am going to sell my home, this year or next. How can I get information on the current market conditions in northern NJ?

A. This is an excellent question! With so many articles in the media, TV news stories and discussion on this topic everywhere from politicians or business pundits to the latest cocktail party gossip, it’s hard to know whom to rely on for accurate data and analysis. Certainly, you can read up on local market conditions through newspapers, as well as check articles and blog discussions online through various well-regarded nationwide real estate websites (Realtor.com, Trulia.com, Homes.com) or on New Jersey’s local multiple listing website...

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