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The Biggest Regrets of Real-Life Home Sellers

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Even homeowners who’ve successfully sold their place can be plagued by the shoulda-coulda-wouldas—meaning that, looking back, they wish they’d done certain things differently. Sometimes very differently. Regret can be a beast. One with teeth.

The silver lining? We got these remorseful souls to tell us their stories...

Historically Low Mortgage Rates Are Now a Reality

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The recent international turmoil caused by “Brexit” has been a tremendous blessing for those in the United States who have been indecisive about their mortgage financing. The 10 year U.S. Treasury, one of the leading barometers of mortgage rates has reached historical lows, the likes of which we have never witnessed. Despite strength in stocks and equities, the mortgage-backed security and bond market is in unprecedented territory, and is proving to be extremely lucrative for those who are now taking action. I urge all readers to take advantage of this historical opportunity to capitalize on some of the lowest mortgage rates we might ever see.

Market Misconception

The preconceived...

Bat Yam: A Gentrification Case Study

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A little over 10 years ago, while attending a real estate event in Manhattan, a significant developer pulled me aside and handed me a paper written by an Ivy League professor. The professor and his students in the urban planning class had gone on a field trip to Israel to study Bat Yam, a rundown suburb of Tel Aviv and Yaffo situated along the Mediterranean Sea, and created a comprehensive plan to overhaul this tired city into a thriving metropolis.

I found the study fascinating, and thought that this was an exciting opportunity for an investor with vision. However, having just made aliyah and still working in New York real estate, I did not give this study a second thought and soon...

How to Buy a Home for a Multigenerational Household

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When we were teenagers, many of us probably couldn’t think of anything worse than living with our parents for the rest of our lives. However, as we grow up and have our own children, we often find having our parents around isn’t bad at all. In fact, more people are choosing to live in multigenerational households, a practice that is already common in many countries throughout the world.

According to the most recent US Census data, a record 57 million Americans —more than 18 percent of the population—lived in a multigenerational household. As the practice grows increasingly common, many families are discovering there are several benefits to living with parents, children and...

Brexit: Time to Celebrate or Contemplate?

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Some might say that the past week has been full of panic, uncertainty, challenge, anxiety and dread - to say the least. For days, they have been scrambling around town stocking their carts with droves of water bottles, filling their bags with food provisions to last weeks, stowing clothing feverishly as if there is no coming home, and pulling cash out of ATM’s to have on hand. Finally the day of reckoning came… Chexit. That’s right; Chexit is my acronym for Child-Exit, which is when our children are sent off to their respective camps for the summer vacation. It’s finally here! Yay! Wait… is it wrong to celebrate such a momentous occasion?!

All jokes aside, the hysteria in the...

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