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Affordable New Option Makes Jewish High School Realistic for Many Families

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A Mix of Classroom and Online Instruction Can Meet Diverse Needs

When Jody and Steve Stein’s son Aaron approached the end of eighth grade at his local Jewish day school, they began to research Jewish high schools. Living in Chandler, Ariz., they were within driving distance of two Jewish elementary schools, but...

The Floor Is Yours

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Some of my kids have a problem. They pick things up to use or play with, and when they are done they drop it on the floor. I understand the evolution behind this. My baby used to do this at most meals—he sits in his high chair, and whatever food he would deem unfit for his consumption he would methodically pick up and toss overboard, piece by piece, until all the food I just spent time carefully cutting into teeny tiny, non-choking-hazard bits would be in a scramble on the floor. Doesn’t want another sip from his cup? Hurled on the floor. No more rice? Sprinkled like confetti at Mardi Gras. If his high chair was too close to the table, he would also perform this favor for the other...

For the Love of Gifts

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“What can we bring back from Israel?” my in-laws once offered, over the phone, when they were about to travel.

“Nothing! Really, nothing,” I said, not wanting any more T-shirts that would end up in my kid’s pajama drawer, or kippot that had Lightning McQueen on it, when my son no longer liked the Cars movie. Gifts, although always well-meaning, usually ended up unused or being thrown out. The waste of money pained me. So did the thought of too much clutter.

My husband overheard the conversation and suggested that I let them buy presents for the kids. I looked at him questioningly, as he was equally guilty of wanting to throw out every single item in the household that didn’t...

TEAM Shabbos: Opening the Discussion

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TEAM, the Traditional End-of-Life Awareness Movement, is uniting hundreds of shuls and communities across the country. Their mission is to raise awareness about the importance of respecting life, preparing for illness and death, making proper end-of-life decisions, and other relevant matters.

The Torah perspective on the value of life and its concerns about illness and death are not easy to talk about. Because of this, many people are not fully prepared for the many serious issues that arise. Forty percent of non-affiliated Jews choose cremation due to a lack of proper appreciation and awareness of the significance of Jewish burial.

TEAM is here to change that.

Shabbos Parshas Vayechi...

A Father Gives Back to Chai Lifeline

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Every married couple, once they hear the news that they are expecting their first child, is overcome with joy: “Wow, we are going to become parents!” For my wife and I, it took four long years to achieve this goal. The first pregnancy in 2009 ended in a miscarriage at 13 weeks. We were heartbroken. In 2010, we found out that my wife was pregnant again, and everything was going along smoothly until 21 weeks. We went for the sonogram, and we were told some devastating news. Our child had congenital heart disease and would require surgery shortly after. We were also packed up to move out of our apartment in New York to our home we purchased in New Jersey.

Our daughter Alyssa Lauren...

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