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Menendez Closes AIPAC; Stands By Israel; Hopes for Fresh Negotiations

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Prior to making scheduled lobbying visits to the Hill, delegates to the 2013 AIPAC Conference in Washington, DC were primed for the closer by U.S. Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ), newly-appointed Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.  The senator’s remarks, his first major public appearance since his return...

Witching Hour

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I can’t remember the first time I heard the phrase “witching hour.”  Was it when one of my kids was screaming, the other one was spitting up on me, one kid was throwing his dinner on the floor, their father was “working” and a friend was trying to convince me that my angelic boys all turning into monsters at the same time was perfectly normal and there even was an expression for it?

Perhaps. Over the years, however, that phrase, its time of day and the behaviors that ensued, were always different, ebbing and flowing with the ages of my kids. Whether it was when one was toilet training (requiring patience of a saint), while the other one was taking off his diaper to try to be...

A True Blessing

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I am a very lucky person—blessed I would say. With a busy life and great expectations and hopes, it often takes something or someone to remind me to remember the good things in my life. And recently, one of my children did exactly that.

On one special morning in the Bernstein household, our boys woke up even earlier than usual after taking turns crawling out of their beds and into our bedroom. We were all excited about an event that would take place that morning at Yavneh Academy. My 7-year-old son, BR, and his class were putting on their Chumash play—a play they had been working on for a month. I was looking forward to seeing the whole of the play, since I knew just the lines that...

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