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Now that my baby is two-and-a-half, and is probably not a baby anymore, I figured it was time to start toilet training. He seemed quite capable to go on command in the shower, and so I thought maybe this would translate into some very easy potty work. The thing that had been delaying me is that I was still holding out for him...

Genuine Encounter Moments

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How many minutes per day do children communicate with their parents? According to a survey by The National Family Institute, the average child in America receives only 12.5 minutes per day in communication with his/her parents. Of that time, 8.5 minutes are spent with parents in correcting behavior, criticizing behavior, or engaged in various arguments. This leaves only four minutes a day for the instruction of values, morals and ethics. Therefore, the study suggests that parents should look for GEMs, otherwise known as Genuine Encounter Moments, with the goal of focusing their attention directly on finding time for their children at specific and defined intervals of time. Subsequent...

The Soul of Parenting: Religious Development

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I am embarrassed to say that I came across the notion of religious development relatively late in my career, but I do remember when I had my epiphany. I vividly recall seeing a 12th-grade girl davening one day at Shacharit with what seemed like great kavanah, something she had been doing all year. But one day I also had a flashback to what she had been like both emotionally and religiously when she had been in the ninth grade. The contrast was stark. Suffice it to say that she in no way resembled that day who she had been when she first came into high school. What happened along the way?

My first inclination was to say that she had grown more “mature” or “serious” and clearly...

The Littlest Bully

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Shaul, a gorgeous child of around four years old, was always impeccably dressed. He was tall and golden, with a warrior pose much like that of his namesake. It was his endless energy and creativity that inspired other children to follow him around. He was magnetic.

But the thing is, he sometimes acted in ways that were not so magnetic. “You wear diapers! You are a baby…!” I once heard him say derisively to my youngest child, a slight two-and-a-half-year old, with a very social personality. We were at a camp-related gathering, after hours, and my son was trying to run around with the bigger boys. Then, Shaul and a friend pulled down the waistbands of their shorts to demonstrate to...

Parent Spice

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S - Sharing ideas that are

P - Precious

I - Inspiring

C - Catalyst for growth

E - and Energizing

Shabbos, Chol Hamoed, Sunday afternoon, days off from school are all days that we either love or …

My goal in writing these articles is to allow the readers of this monthly column to learn different techniques that will make your life more invigorating, engaging and inspiring.

Let’s focus on Shabbos. It’s Thursday afternoon. You are at work, fully consumed with all the catch-up work that you pushed off on Monday. You suddenly realize Shabbos is coming! Is that an exciting thought or a stressful thought? Does this thought occur regularly or even occasionally? Even if this never...

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