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The Haunted House

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It was subtle, slightly removed from the bustling center of the theme park, and yet its presence was marked by a skeleton haphazardly dangling from a pole, daring us to enter. I had not really gone on any rides yet, my laundry list of excuses growing every year (gives me a headache, makes me dizzy, my neck will hurt, I am...

(Bad) Hair Care

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Mothers of boys, you are missing out on some serious fun, and are invited to my home, any time, to enjoy the best adventure in raising girls. And that is, brushing their hair. There is nothing less dreaded, on both ends, in our home, and yet, it is a twice-daily routine that creates much drama. It can be broken down into four simple phases: The Chase, the Verbal Attack, the Tackle and the Shrieking Finale.

I don’t recall any of this from growing up. It all seems to be new, uncharted territory. For as long as I could remember, I was brushing my own hair, and from before I could remember, my mom was probably brushing my hair. I have no bad memories about this, and so I have to assume...

The Queen of Football

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“Do you want to play football?” I asked my 9½-year-old daughter one afternoon after school. I had signed up my son, 8, for the spring session of flag football, and noticed it said “coed.” If we were already dedicating our Sundays to one child playing, and had no other extracurricular activities scheduled, I figured why not bring two?

“Yeah!” she said. “I could try it…” She frequently plays on the lawn with my husband and son on Friday afternoons and seemed to know how to catch, throw and run, which is probably all the skills you really need to succeed in the game.

I requested on the form to please place her on a team with any other girls, to help her feel...

Parenting Challenges: The Use of Phones While Driving

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After continued instances of seeing drivers on their cell phones while driving, I decided that I wanted to compose a meaningful article that could provide practical strategies to assist parents and children with this issue. As time progresses, I have become more and more frightened as to how many drivers I see either looking at their phones while driving, looking at their phones while waiting at a light or looking at their phones while waiting behind another car during traffic. This issue really hit me even harder when a friend of mine was hit from behind by a car on the way to shul on a recent Sunday morning. It was an act of divine providence that he was not carrying any children in his...

The Battle of the Boosters

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“Mommy, those people were just staring at me. They’re probably wondering why such a giant girl is in a booster seat.” We are driving in my car, and my almost-10-year-old daughter is once again launching into her speech as to why she should not be in a booster seat. It’s likely that they were not staring at her, because our windows are so tinted it is impossible to see the silhouette of a human being through the glass, and yet, she is slouching in her seat, almost ducking to hide herself from the mobsters who she imagines are mocking her for following safety regulations and for listening to her mother.

“I’m the only one in fourth grade who has to!”

We have a loophole to the...

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