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Once every two years, I assume the role of an Olympic expert. Like countless other people around the world, I unilaterally and unabashedly deem myself an Olympic aficionado and presume that I know as much about the competition as the television commentators who actually do have extensive professional experience in each...

The Annual March Up Fifth Avenue

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As Jews, we have an innate love of Israel. We relish the opportunity to visit the Holy Land and we regularly monitor the happenings in the Jewish State. Our community’s schools work diligently to instill in our children a love and appreciation of Israel. The State of Israel is unquestionably an integral part of our lives as Jews.

In what has become an annual communitywide event, many of us will travel to Manhattan on Sunday, June 2 for the 2013 Celebrate Israel Parade. This extraordinary event gives us a unique opportunity to openly express our support of Israel and to unabashedly stand in unison with our Israeli brethren. Approximately 30,000 marchers, including countless schools...

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